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More from David

Yesterday, after I made my last post, we ran into Eric (the guy who gave us a ride from Santiago), he was with his friend Tillo (short for Eligio), we chatted awhile and they gave us a ride to the Chirriqui Mall. If you see the print ads and hear the radio ads, you get the impression of a modern, bustling mall. Unfortunately, for the investors, the mall is dead, just a few stores, a food court where there were empty stalls, only two were open, and a movie theatre.
They offer a free shuttle bus from the hotels to the mall, we found where the bus was parked, but no sign of the driver, nor a sign with the bus schedule.
When a city bus drove up, we asked the driver if he passed by Cervantes Park, he explained that while he did, his route was a very circuitous one, and we´d do better taking another bus. We decided that riding his bus the long way around was the perfect and inexpensive way to see David. It was interesting,the bus was empty when we started, but once it passed a college it became packed, so packed that passengers had to step off the bus so others could disembark at their stops, everyone was good natured about it. Unfortunately, we missed our stop and rode to the end of the route, our driver told us that he had a layover of about 25 minutes but if we wanted to wait we could ride back with him, but if we didn´t want to wait there was another bus coming in about 5 minutes, but we would have to pay again since there are no transfers. We opted to spend the additional 70c and ride back sooner.
We returned to our hotel where we had arranged to meet Tillo and Eric. They took us to a beach around half and hour out of David. It was a lovely beach, but we like Las Lajas more. They also offered to take us to Puerto Almuelles where Chiquita Banana used to have their plantation, but we´ve decided we don´t have time this trip.

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