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Mr Dog’s vices cat(ch) up with him

Acting on a hunch, we took a stool sample to the Vet’s today. Mr Dog has at least 3 kinds of worms. One,toxoplamosis  is directly connected to his disgusting habit of consuming cat feces.

Normally, I wouldn’t be happy to hear that my dog is riddled with lumbricus vermin. The silver lining to this cloud is that his epileptic seizure may have been a result of this invasion, rather than a relapse. The doctor commented that not all seizures are from epilepsy.  So he has been wormed, Sugar will be wormed as soon as we can catch her, this evening. The Vet suggested putting her in a zalbucan (plastic mesh shopping bag) with only her head sticking out in order to administer the liquid medication. This promises to be a memorable experience for all.

Mr. Dog already has been dosed with the liquid at the Vet’s. He also was prescribed another vermicide  in the form of four pills taken two at a time, a week apart. In a month we will be taking in another stool sample and hopefully he will be all better.

Mr. Dog is lucky, the bill for the exam and medication for both him and Sugar was $300, so he wasn’t forced to beg on the street. His recheck for the kidney stone and gallbladder sludge isn’t until the end of the month. I cannot imagine what this all would cost NOB.

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  1. Contessa, it is scary. We don’t want to over react but we want to take care of them.

    Brenda, Eyes are hard,my painting doesn’t have any yet.
    Catching the cat went amazingly well. I put some tuna in her dish, she jumped up to investigate and I swooped her up.

    Steve, it’s because you are traveling. Or is it because you are another year older? Happy Belated Birthday!

    Barb, oh my I would have to install a paypal button with a photo of Mr Dog if the bill was that high (okay, just kidding). I will send you an email for more info on this!


  2. Theresa, last year our 11 year old dog had sludge in his gall bladder. The final cost was almost $1,000 Canadian. He was very sick. We thought we were going to have to put him down.

  3. Wow. I need to read more attentively. I thought you were announcing “Husband has 3 kinds of worms.” And I had no idea where that would lead. I suspect it would not include a plastic shopping bag.

  4. The removed post was by me, I goofed and didn’t proofread it.

    Re: the painting. I pretty much thought you were just aspiring to that; but wasn’t sure.
    I find doing the eyes the hardest part and if they are not right then nothing is. Grrr
    Good luck with your painting and your goal. My goal is just to complete something that I am happy with and that actually looks recognizable lol and most days that is completely beyond me.
    Have fun.
    Hope it went well with the cat by the way.

  5. Our pets mean so much to us all. The biggest problem is that these fur babies can’t talk and explain where it hurts and what the problem is. When Caeli’s face became so swollen (http://www.contessajewall.com/2010/11/26/thankful-caeli-is-alive/) that she couldn’t breathe we panicked. No vets nor medical doctors here on the Isla de la Piedra. Good job with your intuitive decision.

  6. Thierry, Perhaps I should have used the word “vice” instead of “habit” because it isn’t like I am using cat shit as dog treats and he habitually eats them. We get cats passing through the yard regularly.Some of them defecate in the planters. When I police the yard and rooftop, I remove their offerings. However, I am not with Mr. Dog every moment of every day and he gives into his dog nature and does things of which I don’t approve.
    Our interaction with our Vet is much more detailed than it appears in my blog, so unless you are clairvoyant you have no way of knowing what choices we have had. Either way, it’s one hell of a commute to Mr. Dog’s former vet NOB and at 12 years old, he isn’t up to it.
    I appreciate your concern.

    Brenda,LOL, I’d much rather worm a horse than a semi-feral cat.
    Oh, my, even I in my megalomania and naivety would never attempt to copy that painting as my first effort.It’s just what I aspire to. I think that depth of colour and richness of detail is not something achieved in four hours using acrylics. Or at least not for me. Mine is much simpler portrait of two young girls.

    Rita, The first time I saw Mr. Dog do it I almost vomited. We do similar things, but we also have other cats wandering through our yard and Sugar rarely comes inside. Her food is placed on a shelf that she can leap up to but is beyond Mr. Dog’s reach.


  7. My Miss Daisy Dog also eats cat poop. Disgusting! So I have the cat box in a play the cat can get to but the dog can not. Same thing with the cat food. Cuz Daisy was really a pig in her former life.

  8. Poor Mr. Dog, hope the de-worming helps.
    Poor you and hubby for having to try to give the cat meds., yikes, been there done that and it ain’t pretty. Good luck.

    In your previous post about the painting, are you trying to paint the posted picture of your favorite painting or something else? Just curious.
    Have a good evening.

  9. Heh, it wouldn’t cost anything NOB. Not if you restricted the dog’s access to kat chit.
    BTW, and forgive me for sayin’, but it sorta sounds like you’re being sold whatever speciality the practitioners are pushing. By now you might have had an exact diagnosis, and a shot at timely prophylaxis. I think you’re kidding yourself. You get what you pay for; the difference is, NOB you have more choices.


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