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Onward to Boquete

Today we are leaving David and going to Boquete, we managed to miss the Flower and Coffee Fair, it ended yesterday, but the flowers will still be in bloom. The bus to Boquete leaves every half hour, but we decided to get a room there anyway.
I was shopping in an almacen, a word which I grew up associating with five and dimes like Woolworth’s, but here seems to mean department store also. Amazing the prices started at under a $1.00! Mostly these clothes are from China, very lightweight, but that is what you want in these climates. No wonder people don´t sew here! In México, Chinese goods are subject to an exorbitant 500% duty, so while those goods are still inexpensive in México, they are no way as astonishingly cheap as in Panamá.
Yesterday, we had our worst meal since we have been in Panamá, it was a “Chinese” restaurant, but dingy, the only thing Chinese about the place seemed to be the bored pre-teen stuck behind the register. But they offered the comida corrida for $1.25, so against our best instincts we decided to chance it. Our Fresca and Gatorade cost almost as lunch and were the best part! We opted for pork with vegetables (I found at least two carrot slices, so there were some veggies at least), white rice and coleslaw. Of the three offerings, I think the coleslaw was the tastiest, Husband voted for the rice, neither was great. The pork looked like it had started it’s existence as ham hocks, but most of the meat had been used for another dish leaving great quantities of fat and skin. Well, even this gastronomical disaster didn´t make us ill, which either says something about the strength of our stomachs or the supervision of the health department in David.
Oh, you can drink the tap water in Panamá! At the airport Husband saw his first drinking fountain in 3 years. He enjoyed the novelty of free water.

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