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El hermanito is here painting. Husband and I went to Home Depot yesterday to buy a few liters of paint, we have several places that need touching up. We were going to go to one of the local paint stores but they were closed. The Comex on the corner of C72 ad C75 was open but he has shortchanged us, plus he measures rope short, so we no longer give him our business. I like HD because they give you the formula for the paint, so you can get more paint and it matches. I managed to match up three of the colours, but the yellow for the kitchen was a total bust. I painted a test spot and wowzers, it was too green compared to the wall. It’s the difference between egg yolk (egg yolk) and lemon, not the same colour at all, I wanted the egg yolk colour.
Then a light bulb went off, the wall matches the tile. Surely we have a tile or two left over from the kitchen floor? We found a section of a tile and took it to the paint store. We ended up at the Burel Paint store in Santiago. I love them. They spent a long time helping me match my tile. The problem is that while the tile looks yellow, it is really three different shades of yellow. I kept choosing a darker almost yellow ocher colour while Husband and the paint guy leaned towards a lighter more cantaloupe shade. We tried the lighter shade on our tile, while it matched the background it was too light. They added more amarillo oxido, finally we arrived at our custom colour which is lighter than the original wall colour but looks just fine against the other three walls. I just realized that the colour matches my blog background! We opted to repaint the entire wall. I held the painted splotch to the wall, the colour that I picked is a tiny bit too dark, the lighter shade is better.
The other colours were a rose for the built in bookcase and some touch up on the buff and crema colonial around the bookcase.
I think I want to repaint my office but that can await another day. I don’t think that I can face more paint choosing. Just changing the colours on this post to closer represent what I wanted was hard enough!

About Theresa Diaz Gray

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Chicafeliz, think of them as possibilities not just colours and then you really will get dizzy!

  2. Wow, I get dizzy just thinking about all those colors!

  3. Teresa, I have been a blogger slacker. I like colour but really haven’t painted my walls interesting ones until now.
    MtaM,actually, there is no change in our house. I was trying to match colours already there.
    Jonna, it disappeared on mine too! You won’t see anything different, well maybe a tad different since the yellow is a little lighter, it was retouching.
    Merida Mikey, any excuse for a party!!!
    Sue, I am pretty good at picking colours, it was trying to match without a sample that was hard. Though when we painted the inside of the terraza I was a bit shocked, I thought I was getting a dark terracotta but picked out a rich tomato red instead!

  4. I have the same problem you have, which has resulted in a mini paint store in our bodega. I buy just a liter to see if it is the color I want, and usually it isn’t right. I’m getting better at it, but it is so hard to get the color you have in your mind come out in the paint ca. Sometimes the paint chips just don’t seem to exist at Comex (I like Home Depot’s selection better too).

  5. Hmmmmm . . . . . new paint in the kitchen and around! Sounds like the beginnings of a party to me!!

  6. Egg Yolk disappeared on my computer, I love that color and it just blended in with your background. I’ll have to come over and see the changes, the colors are great.

  7. Love,Love,Love the colors. You should post some pictures when it’s done.

  8. hi theresa,

    i somehow missed your 2/8 post and was wondering why you hadn’t written in a while. i really enjoy reading your blog-you are so creative. wish i had some of your creativity. i have never lived in anything but drab walls-someday i will paint a house or apt. in those rich colors you and glorv1 talk about.

    teresa in lake stevens

  9. Glorv1, What a great idea! I want a mango coloured studio.And red is one of my favorite colours. Did you know it stimulates creativity to have a red room? Actually I am probably going to paint my studio rose and aquamarine because of the floor tile. Right now, I am doing touch up, the redecorating needs to wait until the place looks ship shape again.

  10. I love those colors. I’m going to be painting my studio a rich mango and a very bright red. I got the idea from an artist blogger who is painting her studio. I can hardly wait. Have fun painting.

  11. Yeah, that’s the colour exactly macaroni and cheese! how funny. Yeah,when I wrote the post the background was white, when I posted it all the colours changed, the crema colonial showed up but the egg yolk disappeared. I found that making the colour words bold and using the largest type face also helped show them off.

  12. Hehe, fun post, worth the time to change the font colours. 🙂

    It sounds like the colour you wanted was close to what we got for Max’s room, the sample was from the Crayola Kid’s paint called “Macaroni and Cheese”, though we didn’t buy the fancy schmancy Crayola paint, they did manage to match the colour for us in the cheaper stuff. Happy painting!

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