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Photos from Panama, Albrook Mall

Albrook Mall was built at a cost of twenty two million dollars and covers 460,000 square meters, which, if I did the math correctly is over 37 acres of shopping! The food court has over 35 restaurants. And more importantly it has a full size carousel! In case you get lost, you can have your family arrange to meet you in the giraffe hall.
Or if you are feeling more like Fay Wray, in the gorrilla hall. I didn’t take any photos of the whales, zebras or rhinos or any of the other animals and birds designating the other halls.
I did get this photo of the carousel and the food court, there is also a mini train that runs under the second floor, I don’t remember if there was a train that you could ride in like there is at Gran Plaza Mall in Merida.
Both Husband and I were charmed by these child size tables in the food court.
The most interesting part of this mall is that it’s attached to the bus depot. Someone realized that most of the travelers coming from the interior of Panama were coming to do shopping and cashed in on the idea. My understanding is that the mall has doubled in size since it opened just 2 years ago and is still growing.

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Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. sorry Jules not a clue and it’s been so long I don’t even really remember the store, but I bet someone else will jump in and answer.

  2. theresa i wish i could order from madison store…it was awesome! so trendy and cheap! do you know how i can order from there? jules2655@aol.com

  3. hey yea there is american stores there .there is gap and finish line

  4. Carmen, sorry I don’t remember but there are many American stores in Altabrisa Mall in Merida where I live in Mexico.

  5. hey
    is there a gap, bebe, express or other american known brand at albrooks?

  6. ank you very much for answering my questions and being so helpful. If I need anything else i will let you know.Thank You.

  7. Anonymous, thanks for taking the time to answer the other anonymous’s question.

  8. Hi, I am from Panama and well you will find everything you are looking for in Albrook Mall. You can go to nice and big department stores such as Madison Store or Conway Store with great products at great prices.
    There is no such thing as shoe market I guess… but there is one store called “Mercado del Calzado” in english “Shoe Market” that sells brand name shoes with big discounts – this last is located at Los Pueblos mall.

  9. Hi, you could probably get your questions answered better by someone who lives in Panama rather than Mexico.
    Ticul is just outside of Merida and if you are looking for shoes that is the place that I recommend going to. Like many towns here in Mexico it’s devoted to a single craft and in Ticul, it’s shoes. You can buy shoes at the factories or have them custom made.
    I didn’t buy any clothes in Panama City, I did buy some in a shop in David, but I don’t remember the name. We didn’t go to shop, more to check out the country.

  10. ok.thank you anyway. And btw i would like to know what was like the best store you saw there.Like the biggest and the cheapest. Also, did you ever go to a shoe market in Panama?
    Thank You

  11. Hi, it’s been a while since our vacation in Panama, but there were lots and lots of stores at Allbrook Mall. When we were there in January there were stores selling swimsuits. Since it’s been years since my daughters were teenagers I didn’t look at any stuff in those sizes. Maybe you can ask the people who are putting on the tour?

  12. hi!my school is going on a trip to panama and costa rica. i would like to know if they have lots of stores for children like for a petite 13 yr old. Because on the flyer it said tht we would b going 2 Albrook Mall and a shoe market so i would like to know if albrook mall has shops for children and if there are any swimsuit stores.

  13. Except for the airfare, Panama is pretty inexpensive if you are looking for bargains. They don’t charge the huge duty on oriental goods that Mexico does. I bought a linen blouse with some bead embroidery there for $5.99 usd and knit rayon tank top for $1.00 usd ! But I am a bit of bargain hound.

  14. Great pics Theresa, looks like a fun place for window shopping though certainly out of my budget, lol.

  15. Thanks chicafeliz! Nothing like a giant gorilla to make me look slim and tiny! Maybe I should get one for my yard?

  16. Theresa, you look Great in the arms of a Gorilla!!! Truly a good look for you!

  17. Fned, I think I messed up the math, but Albrook Mall still is impressive. Panama City is a shopper’s paradise. Another mall worth mentioning is the Multi-plaza full of high end stores from Channel to Versace. I didn’t buy anything, just looked.

  18. Mall? did anyone say MALL????

    I LOOOOOOVVVVEEE MALLS!! (well, excpet Plaza Angelopolis that is) And 37 acres of mall sounds just about the thing made in Fned’s dreams!

    Keep shoppin’, eh, bloggin’

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