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I have been roaming the web checking out the attendees of the blogger meet and greet. There are some great write ups out there. Check them out!
Personally, I had a good time. For a few moments I had my doubts about how it all would come off, but Jonna and Lin both stepped forward and bailed me out. Jonna held the welcome party and Lin offered up her home for the presentations.
The only thing that I would change is that I would make it shorter. The welcome party on Thursday, the presentations and discussions on Friday, followed by that day’s social activities and then a good by breakfast on Saturday, really was plenty. It is a learning experience and can only get better. Where shall we have it next year?
It’s amazing how many bloggers we have in Merida, and it seems like there are more and more each day.

About Theresa

Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Teresa, that is wonderful! You are definitely too busy to sit around and blog! But not too busy to read them, are you?

  2. i haven’t gotten the blog writing bug yet-maybe someday. right now i am just too on the go. i am working on 2 fundraisers and the past 5 weeks i have been busy as can be. going on a church retreat this weekend and am hoping to relax a bit. i might even skip some of the sessions so i can kick back and take it easy with a book, although i do read most nights, by the time i get to bed, i don’t stay awake very long.

    stay healthy and have a great weekend!


  3. RCinT, it’s too bad you weren’t able to come. But there is always next year.

  4. I was really bummed that I missed the event this year. I will definitely be going next year. We were in the USA this year so that was a good excuse I guess.

    And yeah… always have your camera. There is always something out of nowhere that is so worth a snapshot! hehehe

  5. Teresa, well get blogging! You certainly have enough to write about! I bet your blog would be really interesting. Especially the trip to Italy and France!

  6. this blog reader would love to go next year. by then it will have been 2 years since i’ve been in mexico so i will be ready. for this year 1 month in the florida keys (mid june-july)and 2 weeks in italy/france (october, my birthday present to myself) will do.

    have a great weekend theresa.

    la otra teresa cubana

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