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Procrastination January begins

Now that January is here I’m having a hard time deciding what my sewing project will be. Originally I planned on finishing my 1920s one hour dress, but now I am not so sure that I care enough to finish it.

I’ve decided to make an Elizabethan smock. The fitting really only applies to the shoulders, the costuming guidelines for Much Ado About Sebastopol  encourage you to wear a square necked smock rather than the gathered peasant blouse type that I usually made for RenFaire. This fits the procrastination theme because my first thought on reading the costuming guidelines was, “OMG, this is totally different than what I used to make for RPFN. ”  I found the idea paralyzing.

Options aren’t lacking however, the challenge includes using  fabric that has been languishing in your stash which I have no lack of; or projects that you have put off starting. Yeah, there are more than a few of those. My main sticking point is that most historical garment need to fit over corsets and such. You start from the inside and work out. All well and good for petticoats, skirts, and pantaloons but not so great for corsets, bodices, and blouses.

After doing some research, I decided to go with The Tudor Costume Page’s directions for making a shift. It looks like the one in Janet Arnold’s Patterns of Fashion 4 and the one in The Tudor Tailor but saves me from having to enlarge the patterns which are printed on a grid.

First off, I bought 3 meters off white linen-cotton blend fabric at Asis. Three meters is much more than I need for a smock, but I figure that there are other items that need to be made out of linen.



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