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Resolved, maybe.

Discussing Mr Dog’s medical issues yesterday,I told a friend that I felt like I had Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome, but I am hoping that we can put all the worries behind us now. The last couple of days he has been his old self in the morning but run down in the evening. A light bulb went on in my head when we were discussing his diet. Until I started making his food, Mr Dog was eating on demand, a euphemism for a perpetually full bowl of dry dog food, in effect he was having several smaller meals through out the day. When I changed him to homemade food, he started getting measured amounts of food twice a day instead. Now he is getting feed breakfast, a snack at lunchtime, dinner and a snack before bed. That should keep his blood sugar in control and he can go back to his regular life of chasing cats and napping.

 Speaking of eating habits, ours have seriously deviated from the straight and narrow path of healthful eating. Being tall Husband doesn’t show the extra pounds like I do, I could double as one of Santa’s elves right now, with “my own bowl full of jelly” belly. It’s time to return to the fold and eat more vegetables, though as I write these words I am eating a slice of  excellent banana nut bread with blueberries that we received yesterday. I figure as long as I stop at one slice it’s okay, my mantra has always been moderation.

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  1. 1st Mate, funny you should mention salad. One of the changes that I didn’t follow through on was my vow to have a salad every day! I think if we have both soup and salad it really makes a difference in how much we eat. Thanks for reminding me!


  2. I’ve definitely gone over my acceptable weight limit too, and I notice the Capt is getting a round belly. Time to get serious about salads, I guess.

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