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Salinas holds a welcome parade for us

Waking up from my nap with the thought “why would anyone put a xylophone in a clothes dryer?”, I tried to remember my dream. As I sat quietly so as to not wake Husband, I heard the clothes drier thumping. Then I heard the tinkly sound of a child’s toy playing the same tune over and over again. Fully awake now, I realized that the thumping was actually drumming. As soon as Husband woke, we set off to find the source of the sound.

A block away from our hotel we found what appeared to be an elementary school marching band.

Young girls in white dresses adorned with appliques of sea life were milling around while the drums kept on beating.

Either they expected the parade to begin soon or they were just bored but the band played on and on. We wandered down the street, eventually returning about an hour later. The girls were still milling, the drummer drumming and the lone xylophone adding to the ambiance.
Striking up a conversation with a stranger, I found out that the parade was running late. More participants arrived and the parade celebrating the annual welcome to the whales began.



 This group kept getting  larger as participants in various stages of undress joined while the parade was in progress. Fashionably late isn’t just a Mexican trait.

More cheerleaders and dancers in traditional costumes.
Every group stopped and performed a routine.

 We walked along the short parade route and stopped at the judging stand. Picture taking was too difficult at that point because we had fallen victim to a Pinguino man and his wares. Pinguinos are not the Hostess cupcakes wannabes of Mexico, instead it’s a brand of ice cream with the familar heart logo of Holanda brand. 

Those sorts of experiences happened through out our trip. Spanish with a different accent, but still Spanish. Familiar things from home. Home being Yucatan.

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Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!


  1. Pinguinos are better than hostess cupcakes anyway.

  2. Steve, And a wonderful parade it was too! However, really! Husband and I have lost a lot of weight, and neither of us looks like a great white whale anymore.


  3. And why not have your own parade? After all, a famous blogger was in town.

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