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Some more Thai food

I still have some lemon grass and pork left over so I am making Thai pork and vegetable curry today. I just finished typing the recipe. I find that most of the Asian dishes that I make are easy if you prepare and measure all the ingredients ahead of time. The French call this mise en place and it’s actually something that I try to do when ever I am cooking. It keeps me from forgetting to add some vital ingredient.
I also typed up the recipe for Red Fried Rice. That should give you a nice start on making some Thai food at home.
Cancun Canuck you might try the Pork and Vegetable Curry it’s tasty and pretty easy. I have a wok but hardly ever use it, I use a large fry pan. First heat the pan, then add the oil, when the oil is hot (it will start to shimmer) then add the food.

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