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Somebody please explain it to me

As a procrastinator on a professional level,I do a lot of web surfing. I like to blame it on Pinterest, but pinning just makes it seem more like I am accomplishing something. I have ways to justify my habits, I am doing research, I am refining my tastes, and I am learning new things. Mostly, I just lose track of time, my sense of time is not good. I can be on time, I can stick to a schedule but I have no way of judging how long something will take or did take unless I use a watch.

Back to my theme. I keep seeing blog posts and pins that I don’t understand. The bleach pen phenomena for instance. There seems to be a trend to stencil or draw on clothing with a bleach pen. Admittedly, it is a cool looking effect. But, here is my problem, it’s BLEACH. You know the stuff that rots fabric even burns holes if left full strength. Are the bleach pens some sort of magic formulation that doesn’t weaken fibers? Or do the people not care that the designs they carefully created won’t last? Is this just a continuation of the disposable mentality? Because it doesn’t make sense, the same people who advocate upcyling (the new term for re-using stuff) use the bleach pens.

The other trend I can’t wrap my head around is making planters out of furniture. I am not talking about the occasional headboard in the garden bed.

Or turning a chair into a planter by removing the seat and replacing it with either a pot or wire mesh. I understand those. I even like the chair planter idea quite a bit.
I think that reusing old containers can be charming, if done right.What I don’t understand are dressers, nightstands and armoires turned into planters. Yes, they look great, they are interesting in the funky style that I love. However, no where in any of the many versions that I have seen does anyone seem to address the issue of the wood rotting.

Can you imagine going to all this trouble only to watch your creation disintegrate? I don’t even think it would be good compost since the dresser are  painted. Wood and water don’t do well together.  These are beautiful plantings. The staging is outstanding. It seems to me that is exactly what these furniture re-purposings (repurpose is a more contemporary way of saying making do or using what you already have) are, stage dressing. I have the sneaky suspicion that these pieces were bought for the express purpose of doing these displays. The blue dresser looks like it’s in excellent condition.

There also seems to be a trend of faux recycling. I applaud the people who take clothes that no longer fit or are out of style and change them into something new and useable. I understand buying sheets or large shirts to use for the fabric.I occasionally toy with the idea of taking the refashion pledge, where you vow to only buy 2nd hand and refashion rather than buying new items. There are variations of the pledge, where everything has to be 2nd hand or pledges where you will make all your own clothes. I find these ideas appealing.

What I don’t get are the refashions where the originator buys two brand new tee shirts to cut up and create a garment. Why not just buy fabric? What is the goal? Part of the refashioning ethic is that you are not supporting sweatshop labor or the disposable lifestyle. If you are buying two cheap tees aren’t you doing the opposite?

Like I said, I don’t get it? Do you?

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Born in New York City, I grew up in California, and have lived in 3 countries and 6 states. I'm a first generation Cuban-American who lives in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. I'm committed to living an abundant and creative life and helping others do so too through DIY!

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