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Surrounded by UFOs- UnFinished Projects

Are you surrounded by UFOs, UnFinished Projects also know as PhDs, Projects half Done? No matter what cute names you tag them with they silently judge you. Guilt isn’t really my thing, I always say that it’s an unproductive emotion, a point of view not open to debate. Usually, I have one or two things pending, that’s normal for me. The worst UFO I ever had was a stack of toddler shorts I found in my stash, cut out, the pins rusted firmly in place when the said toddler was almost eight; even her little sister was longer toddling.

I’ve been taking inventory, part of the great  Sewing Studio/Craft Room redo, and have unearthed more than my share of UFOs. Whenever I walk outside, the recliner sofa barely manages to hide it’s half done state under fabric. All these UFOs were starting to get me down.

Then I decided to count the things I have accomplished instead.  I had so much fun doing the 1912 project,  that when the opportunity to become a pattern tester for Deby at So Sew Easy, I jumped on it.

I made my first ever purse! The Sew Easy Cross Body Bag ( I get a small commision when you purchase the pattern through this link- thanks!).So Easy Cross Body Bag






















I just realized that I’ve done a ton of sewing, 4 bags, two pairs of leggings, a half dozen tops and several skirts. Two dresses as gifts for friends. Too many things for one post, so I will leave you with photos of the Vintage Pattern Library 1940s dress I made for my co-madre who swing dances.


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