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Flashing stopsigns

I want a flashing stopsign in front of our corner. They are very cool! A regular size stop sign with LEDs outlining the familiar shape. Actually, they came out a few days ago and put new vibradores on our corner. These are not your wimpy bots dots, these are impressive. And they are working! It also helps that this time, the vibradores are at least 3 meters from the corner, the last batch was at the limit line, a little late to do much good. The city also replaced the little whimpy stop sign with 2 large ones on either side of the street. I predict that things will be a little quieter on our street without a weekly car crash to bring the neighbors out to chat.Why so many accidents?  Well, up until our corner the vehicles traveling down our street have the right of way, and I guess the drivers get lulled into believing that they will always ...

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