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Chemo is over- moving forward with life

Chemo is over now!  I am also halfway through the herceptin therapy. I still have to go to the chemo room every 3 weeks because herceptin is  administered via IV but it takes only about half an hour. Last week I was done in an hour, including waiting time and my consult with Dr. Bastarrachea  compared to the 2 1/2  hours the first six pre-chemo/chemo/herceptin  combo and consults took. I have had my share of adventures. My surgical site developed another seroma. The first one happened after my biopsy/lumpectomy. That’s one of the reasons combined with the staph infection that there was a month between the biopsy and the mastectomy. Doctors prefer not to operate on people with active staph infection. This time around I was spared the infection but had yet another drain installed. This is my third one, I now have several interesting round scars  around my right rib cage, but the six inch one where my breast ...

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