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There was a line?

Having gotten behind in my blog reading, I spent this morning catching up. Drawing the Line by Rich Land (Gangs of San Miguel) cracked me up. He writes about things that never ever occur to me. Where do you draw the line in your assimilation? I didn’t even know that the goal was to be assimilated! Is Mexico a really part of the Borg Collective? Is resistance futile? I think it may be. Apparently people draw imaginary lines which they claim that they will never cross. Such as the toilet paper line, or “I’d rather plug up someones toilet than toss the tp into a waste basket” line. Most of the lines seem to be around food, some around habits and others regard fashion. Personally, I will try almost anything, I draw the line at most organ meats, but that is a recent post mad cow decision. I love chicharrones and chicharra. I haven’t ever had menudo but I don’t ...

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