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Inspired by Alabama Chanin

Alabama Chanin style clothes and Lagenlook seems to be what I have been pinning these days.  What do you do when you have chemo brain? In my case, you spend a lot of time exploring Pinterest. I made a decision that 2014 was going to be the year that I defined my style but also I decided that I won’t be buying anything new this year. Well, almost anything, used clothes are still okay, but I want to limit even those purchases. After looking at Natalie Chanin’s book,Alabama Studio Style: More Projects, Recipes & Stories Celebrating Sustainable Fashion & Living and checking out her website, I realized that while it would be great to have all three of her books, it simply wasn’t in the budget. Hard choice, books or chemo? I really rather have books. However, I already know how to do the basics of Alabama Chanin style, reverse applique, embroidery, stenciling, and couching. Last year, I had bought a ...

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I couldn’t stand it

Cruising the internet, I found the pattern for the mermaid blanket. The yarn is heavier and the needles larger than what I’m using but that is no big deal. You have to join the website to get the pattern so now I am getting yet another newsletter. I think I have so many craft patterns and ideas  that if I stopped collecting them and starting making them, I would never run out of stuff to do. I guess it’s another type of hoarding. I did give away all my pattern magazines and most of my sewing patterns last year. The fabric stash is still pretty respectable but the yarn stash is negligible. I take the fifth on the beading stash. Anyway, I have spent the last hour or so ripping out the stitches that I already did. La Primera said that she liked the pink, but it bugged me. Husband says that I must have been a cat in a ...

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Beads as a metaphor

No posts for 6 days and now two, one right after the other! The opportunity arose for me to have stuff from NOB brought to me. I went to various websites to look at beads, thread and various other good readily available to the NOB beader. The way I do mail order is to select any and everything that is appealing to me and then weed out the non-essentials. I wanted size 15 beads, small seed beads that I haven’t found in Mérida, which are used in many of the patterns that I have. I wanted nymo beading thread, which is basically upholstery thread but it comes in bobbins and a variety of sizes. I wanted size 8 beads, which are seed beads that are larger than the size 11 normally found here but smaller than the size 6 commonly found here. I find size 8’s occasionally but there isn’t the variety that I would like. I totaled up the ...

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Lazy days and ramblings

I spent this morning at MELL, it was great. I checked out Stranger in a Strange Land, it’s been ages since I read it. I just reread Revolt in 2100, which reminded me of how much I like Robert A. Heinlein. While I was there I indulged my penchant for magazines, skimming back issues of Sunset, Home and Garden and some others. I blogged a bit about that in This is for Fned. I am over my malaise.Except for sending out some emails. I still haven’t gotten cracking on the Blogger meet up for 2009 I did some work on the garden and need to take some photos. I planted a really pretty Ixora, it’s coral coloured! There are a few things in bloom so if I am going to taunt the snowbound, the time is now! Later, while all the nob gardens are blooming mine will be wilting from the heat and humidity. I also have an ambitious jewelry ...

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