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slow as molasses

I don’t know what is slower, our internet connection, my operating system (windows) or my little laptop (acer). I have a new faster better laptop, but this one fits better on my lap. Watching The Big Bang Theory I was struck by how much technology I don’t use. Sheldon was trying to contact Amy. He said he IM’d her, tweeted her, emailed her and some other stuff that I didn’t catch. I email and blog that’s about it for me. I have a facebook account with 10 friends, 8 of which are family members. I never update my status because it doesn’t make sense to me. I do upload the occasional photo, but mostly I use it to see photos of my grandchildren. Oh, I have skype. I like skype, it gives me the illusion that my kids might call me. Though I have learned that phones calls only go out of Mexico very seldom into Mexico. Admittedly, my comadre ...

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Sing me soft kitty, please

Sing me Soft Kitty Rap Song *with apologies to Big Bang Theory I woke feeling like I looked like Yoda with my head all achy and my tummy very quaky, When Husband offered me bicarbonate of soda. I sniffed it all leery, my eyes they were bleary. I wasn’t too cheery. “What can I do? I want to help you!” He foolishly asked. So I set him the task. “Sing me soft kitty! Sing it nice and pretty! Sing it in a round, like Sheldon and Penny.” My demands when sick are silly and many.

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