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Just when I thought I was bored.

I have high hopes for lunch today. I saw this recipe for Honey Lentils on the Crockpot Lady’s blog, I didn’t put the canned garbanzos in it btw. I love garbanzos but 1 cup and a half of lentils seemed like enough by itself. I haven’t decided what we are eating with it maybe saag panir made with tofu instead of cheese (I bought the tofu some time ago and I really need to use it, even if it’s in an aseptic package).The reason I have such hopes is the the honey soy sauce mix smells divine. I like the idea of crock pot cooking more. It’s ideal for the summer time.I have been at loose ends lately, which isn’t good for me, I am at my best when I have a project. Over the years I have learned that I do best with projects that have time lines and a clear goal. Thus learn to quilt doesn’t work for ...

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Homework the final assignments

Actually we are still missing one, but it’s the internet’s fault. Both Heather in Paradise and Rivergirl have written about Scars.What an interesting topic, not an easy one to write about, head on over to the blogs and don’t forget to comment. It would have been so easy for them to have blown it all off.

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Final Isla Photos

These plantings are exceptionally well done, they all use plants that are common here, but in what I think particularly pretty groupings.

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Homework Part 2

Tacogirl had to Show some love. Her life in Belize is probably the most different from mine of any of the bloggers who went to the Blogger meet and greet. We are still short 3 homework assignments, Heather in Paradise who came up with the idea is suffering from the famous Cablemas lack of connectivity, Rivergirl is waiting for Heather to send her the assignment and I think Blah,Blah,Blah Ginger is not online either.

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Copying off other people’s homework. Part 1

Here are the links to most of other bloggers and their homework assignments. I will post the rest of the links tomorrow. Here are the ones that are ready to go already!CancuncanuckShe got an assignment called Watch your language.Isla Mujeres: Gringo in ParadiseYou can read Wayne’s take on the same assignment that I did. Promote the Truth!Living the Lisa LocaLisa’s post is about giving and the assignment is called Ante Up. I tried to comment on her post but couldn’t maybe someone can explain how to comment to me?Life’s a BeachDon’t be put off by the subheading about Real Estate, this is a real blog not a real estate website masquerading as a blog. Michelle said the blog happened because it was an add-on to her RE software. I believe in serendipity, the universe wanted Michelle to blog and steered her in that direction. Her post is on Deal Breakers, which makes my assignment seem much easier in retrospect.Mexico “Way”Liz ...

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The dog ate my homework.

*  Promote truth ,  a homework assignment from the first Latin American Bloggers’ Conference, I originally wrote this on April 25, 2008.   No, Mr. Dog didn’t eat my homework, even after I put butter on it . Here is my assignment: PROMOTE TRUTH You already know the basics: Don’t fill up on bread Wear sunscreen If you’re putting an air freshener in the bathroom, don’t chose one that smells like food. You’re a font of wisdom, and you’re getting sharper every year. Outline ten truths you believe to be universal. You can tell us how you came to your conclusions, or explain how your beliefs have changed over the years. If you are feeling ambitious, check back on this list in a few years to see if you still agree with yourself. Never second guess yourself. Sometimes second guessing works, but usually you are right the first time. Unless it’s spelling, if the word looks funny, you probably either didn’t spell ...

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More photos from Isla

Here is a typical street, at least in the section we were in. I love how everyone walks in the street rather than on the sidewalk. Some of the streets were actually closed to traffic and most of them were one way. If you look closely you will see the golf cart rental place on the right.This is the cemetery , I am fascinated by Mexican cemeteries, they look like model cities. This is a bar, I loved the way it flowed, a softer version of southwestern style archecture. I think this is going to be a malecon. Lots of building was happening on this part of the island. I was fascinated by these displays of how to wear sarongs and scarves. This first one has a buckle similar to the type that was the rage in the 80s (?) to thread your tee shirt through and make it look “sexier”. This one looks like it would make a great ...

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Tourist photos? I was supposed to take tourist photos?

I simply am not camera oriented. Most of our best photos have been taken by Husband. I get distracted by shiny objects and forget to take the once in million shot of the famous person drooling etc.With that disclaimer here are some cool ideas for decorative painting that I saw and recorded. I know the colours are a little subdued but aren’t they neat!

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What I did on my Blogger vacation or the bus from hel

The bus from hel, is because we rode the ADO GL bus since G is pronounced heh and L is pronounced el we took the ah de oh hell bus. As an aside, regarding hearing but not understanding, we live very close to both the ADO and the CAME stations, I would hear my neighbors refer to something being by the ADO and hear “A de O” and not connect it with the bus line because I thought of it as being the Ado bus. ADO stands for Autobuses del Oriente.There is another bus that is more luxurious than the GL bus, but this one was pretty spiffy. As we boarded we were given bottles of water and our choice of sodas or instant coffee or teabags (there is hot water available in the back of the bus). We were also given complimentary earphones for the movie. This is important because it means that the movie was not audible unless ...

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Feeling blue

I feel like I am one step behind everyone else. A bit out of the loop, Husband and I went to the Blogger meeting on Isla arranged by Wayne. Now I have been reading everyone else’s blogs and it feels like I wasn’t there at all, oh, I had fun, don’t misunderstand me, but I seemed to always be behind or not understanding something. There was a golf cart tour of the Island, I decided not to do it, it was 400 pesos for the rental of a cart (and since I need to pay the carpenter another 2k this week ,it just seemed like too much money to spend) and the idea of driving around for 3 hours doesn’t sound like fun to me. So Husband and I walked to where we all were meeting, we got there an hour early. I didn’t want to sit there for an hour waiting like the wallflower that I am, so I ...

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