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Life is a bowl of cherries mangoes

This morning I woke up feeling crummy, I did manage to go grocery shopping but that was about it. Lunch was quesadillas made with nopal tortillas. I’ve been curious about them ever since I first saw them on the grocery shelf. The manufacturers claim that they are 1/3 the calories of regular tortillas plus have all sorts of health benefits, which I can’t remember now. They tasted a little bit off to me. I don’t know if it was because I don’t feel well or because the store doesn’t pull products off the shelf as diligently as I would like. It could just be that I don’t like them as well as regular corn tortillas. For dessert we had cherries! They were pretty good, at $110/kilo they had better be! I don’t remember the last time I had cherries. We used to stop at a stand on the way to Napa and buy cherry juice, now that was good stuff. ...

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Where do we go from here?

My very first blog post Great Plans and Ambitions was written on October 22, 2007. I think my style hasn’t changed much but I like to believe that my writing has improved. Checking my stats I find that I have had 77,076 visits, and 25,564 visitors! I find that amazing especially since more than 66% of my visitors come back! I knew that I had a big family but even they don’t account for all of you out there. I have to thank those of you who have me on your blog roll, because most of my visitors come from a referring site, the top two are Same Life–New Location and Blah, Blah, Blah Ginger. Only10% find me due to a search, the top fives search phrases are mostly variations of Theresa in Mérida except #3 which is Albrook Mall in Panamá. I mull over having a blog about Panamá and putting lots of ads on it because there apparently ...

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Nothing like a challange!

While I was avoiding cleaning my office catching up on my internet browsing I wandered over to the Burda Styles website and found this contest Coats and Clark Red and Pink Sewing Contest, you upload a photo of something you have made that is predominately red and pink and people vote. The prizes are pretty good, thread and some other stuff including an opportunity to have your outfit modeled by you or someone else at the big sewing show in Washington. Of course, travel is not included but first I have to create something.On the down side, the deadline is January 31st, not a really long time. I have to check my stash, this may put a damper on the princess dresses but I did send fairy skirts with Chica Feliz. No photos of the skirts, maybe my son will send me some of the girls wearing them, but the skirts are pretty cool. I used left over butterfly sequins ...

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Analyzing the unfathomable

What is it with Allbrook Mall? This month the number two search that readers used to find my blog is a variation of Allbrook Mall, last week I had 65 hits because of it. More than two years ago we went to Panamá on vacation and I blogged about it. I also still get comments on those posts asking questions about the mall and the stores in it.The number one search is some variation of Theresa in Mérida, or what do I do all day? with over 200 hits on that search, so I won’t be changing my theme any time soon. Lately, I have been in a funk, but I think it’s mainly been the oppressive humidity, nothing like always feeling sticky to get you down. That is fated to end now (thank goodness!). A few days ago the rains began. It seems like they are early this year and except for that first one,the rains have been reasonable. ...

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Shirt refashion

I saw this adorable child’s dress made from a man’s shirt posted on the Wardrobe Refashion Blog. Dana sent me an email when I commented on how much I liked it! She suggested that I make myself a blouse or tunic from a man’s shirt. I don’t have a source of cheap men’s shirts available to me. Husband’s wardrobe pretty much consists of guayaberas, but he has lost weight recently. So I asked him if he would rather that I take apart the larger ones and make them smaller or could I have them to remake into something for me. He said remake them. I went through his ropero (wardrobe or closet to you non-Spanish speakers) and found this sole size 44 hanging in there.There are lots and lots of size 42s which I am sure will soon be too large for him. I went on a diet and he lost weight, where’s the justice in that? To make his ...

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Shedding light on it all

I was just at Casa de Paty, which is a blog by a lady in Chapala. She has the absolutely best written write up about the flu on her post Mexican Flu Virus, that I have read so far. It’s informative, logical and well written. I must warn you it’s really long and you may not agree with everything she offers up for discussion.Then when you are done, hop over to El Maloso’s Not the News Blog and take the Definitive Test- Swine Flu Now I am done on the subject.

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Muy codo

Muy codo look it up using your favorite translator program and the result is very elbow. Ron made a reference to his wife giving him meaningful looks and pointing to her elbows in one of the comments that he left me. She was implying that he is muy codo or very cheap. I can’t remember the exact origin of the term but it has to do with patching the elbows of shirts in order to keep wearing them. I prefer to call it frugal, not cheap,I am frugal. Money has been a very limited resource for me most of my adult life, somehow I have managed to be downwardly mobile instead of upwardly mobile. All of that aside, I am interested in the current green trends that actually translate into frugality. Today, at Threads Magazine’s website this short post, Restyle with Wardrobe Refashion caught my eye. I love the concept, some of the ideas, not so much. But the Refashion ...

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Some more Mexico blogs!

Being the stereotypical blogger that I am, I love it when my readers leave comments. When it turns out that my readers are also bloggers, it’s like a two for one deal! What I like about these three blogs is that they represent people who are in different stages of their Mexico move. Chrissy and Keith are moving to Mexico, they say that they are researching the move, but I think that they are definitely moving. I love the title of their blog Reason 99 why we will live in Mexico! , theirs is a new blog with only eleven entries, but that means a blog post every other day so far. This will be fun, seeing it all from the beginning. Pete y Lynn en Mérida is also a new blog. They have a month head start on Reason 99 and are already here in México, in fact, they are in Mérida too! The photos on this blog are ...

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Getting your dollar’s worth of food!

Following on the One Dollar Diet Project‘s footsteps, Amy and Karla of Hope Heals:”Dollar-A-Day Challange” are attempting to eat on a dollar a day for a month in order to raise money for a trip to Africa with Habitat for Humanity.One point raised in the $1 Diet Project’s comments is that a dollar a day buys you more in those very countries where people live on that amount of money or less, countries such as Mexico. I was curious so I took Amy and Karla’s shopping list and compared it to the prices listed on Profeco’s website Quién es quién en los precios (who is who in prices) where they comparison shop a wide list of items.Here is the blog post for Hope Heals’ first shopping tripHere is their list and the comparable items I found. I used the least expensive prices for comparable items. They didn’t give weights for most items but I have. I used $13.00 peso per ...

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New Inspirations

While I was surfing I found this blog, One Dollar Diet Project, via Yahoo news. It reminded me of my $3.00 usd a day blog posts last December and got me wondering how we are doing on our food budget. Actually, we don’t have a food budget which may be the problem. It seems like when I get unconscious about food my weight goes up and so does the grocery bill. I still am ten pounds lighter than this time last year and Husband is twenty pounds lighter, so it isn’t a failure, just not a rousing success.I wrote about making granola in the crock pot last post.It’s much tastier than just plain oatmeal but probably at least 3 times the calories. I may go back to oatmeal with dried blueberries for a while. I find that when I cook we eat better, and healthier most of the time.Friday, I made Grantineé de Tomates (baked tomato and cheese custard) from ...

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