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Being inspired to cook again!

While I was surfing I found this blog, One Dollar Diet Project, via Yahoo news. It reminded me of my $3.00 usd a day blog posts last December and got me wondering how we are doing on our food budget. Actually, we don’t have a food budget which may be the problem. It seems like when I get unconscious about food my weight goes up and so does the grocery bill. I still am ten pounds lighter than this time last year and Husband is twenty pounds lighter, so it isn’t a failure, just not a rousing success.I wrote about making granola in the crock pot last post.It’s much tastier than just plain oatmeal but probably at least 3 times the calories. I may go back to oatmeal with dried blueberries for a while. I find that when I cook we eat better, and healthier most of the time.Friday, I made Grantineé de Tomates (baked tomato and cheese custard) from ...

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This morning while I was watching the parade, I saw my neighbor, Lin dash out with her camera. She wrote a post complete with photos, so I am piggybacking on her post. Check it out, here.

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I have been procrastinating or maybe I have been multitasking? Either way, I was watching dvds this morning instead of gardening or sewing. Since I can’t sit still I made a necklace and matching earrings to go with my dress. So far I have made a dress,a purse, earrings and a necklace to go with my hat. Honestly, I had to make the purse. I lent my only evening bag out to a girlfriend, besides that bag is black. So you can see why I needed to sew a new bag, can’t you? Besides I had the fabric already, so I didn’t violate my no more fabric vow. Chicafeliz is convinced that I will be taking up making my own shoes any day now. We passed a shop that sells supplies to cobblers and she keeps teasing me. Frankly, I am not even tempted. No, not even a little bit. Really, not the least bit intrigued…. My only sewing commitment ...

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Itty bitty fluffy hats and mittens

I took my own advice and bought 4 meters of polar fleece. I find it amazing that polar fleece is even available here in Mérida, it may be a lighter variety. Originally I was going to make an outfit but I found this great links Fleece Projects and Crafty Chic:Fabulous Fleece both of which have free scarves, hats and mitten patterns. I admit that a scarf doesn’t need much of a pattern but hey, I like having it all laid out for me.If you go to this post We have an address! on Gringo in Paradise Blog you will find the mailing address for your warm stuff that you are making (or buying) and sending.I want to get this stuff done soon because I have some other things that I need to make including a curtain for the IWC Fashion Show on November 11, I also need to make some other sort of decorations, which I am not sure about.

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Our Gang

Recently I have discovered a blog called Gangs of San Miguel de Allende. I love this blog, it validates my decision not to move to San Miguel. I just wish I didn’t keep seeing myself in it. I cringed when I read Naming Your Casa, luckily for us, the ayuntamiento de Mérida already placed a plaque on our house (one of the perks of having a corner house in el centro historico). So we didn’t actually ever order that Talavera style sign inscribed with La Casa del Nombre Verdadero de Señor Perro or even the more prosaic Casa Camagüey. My mom is from the town of Florida in the province of Camagüey. Casa Florida, of course,would get confused with the state, and I think a state that has it’s own Fark tag isn’t something we need to be associated with. Pop is from La Habana, but that’s the name of a cafe here, so that was definitely out, it’s bad ...

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I pick up the glove.

Minshap, whose blog Both sides of the Coin, I keep meaning to add to my ever growing blog roll (along with several others), posted this blogger challenge for lack of a better name: 1 – For a period of 4 weeks, you must work and report your progress on a project of your own choice, documenting the results as they occur.2 – You can take the time you need to decide on your project and then you write an opening “DAY ONE” description, with an introductory photo, and your expectations for the end-result.3 – If you are “in” (oh please say you’ll do it!), you need to leave word in the comments section so we all know who we are and then we can all keep track of each others’ progress and offer support, advice, links that could help or whatever.4 – Each week, you will post three times (whichever days you want, but three times a week) with photos ...

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Lemon Chicken

There is this new blog that I am reading called A Year of Crockpotting. The blogger made a resolution to use her crockpot every day for a year. The Crockpot Lady doesn’t pull punches, she tells you how the recipe worked out and I loved the recipe were she repeatedly told her readers not to make the dish! She has some non-food items on her blog. What’s hard for me is that she uses condiments that aren’t available here. What’s great is when I wrote a comment asking what sort of chipolte to use, even though the recipe was from Superbowl Sunday (Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings) she answered me right away. I still haven’t bought any allitas but just wait, I am making these and having friends over for botanas and beer.Husband’s doctor told us to eat chicken instead of pork. Neither of us are great poultry fans but I bought boneless skinless chicken breasts at Megabalcones (I think ...

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Gringos mint money.

I have been reading a blog written by Joyce who lives in Panama. It’s called Living in Potrerillos. Yesterday, I read something that has been stuck in my head like an advertising jingle. I can’t remember which post it was in or I would link directly to it.What I remember reading is that the campesinos used to believe that gringos literally minted money in their homes. Therefore it is okay to steal from them. I can understand the “logic” gringos don’t work for their money, therefore, it doesn’t cost them anything to replace the stuff that is stolen. It’s similar to the people who believe that filing a false claim or frivolous lawsuit against a corporation doesn’t really hurt anyone.As I thought more and more about this, I remember a conversation between my youngest sibling and my mom. My sister was maybe 4 (so I was 20ish) and she wanted my mom to buy her something. Mom explained that she ...

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The Great Comment Debate

Dear Fellow Bloggers, Wow, it looks like I turned off my computer too early last night. Here’s the thing there is a big difference between not answering each and every comment and only answering ones that seem to need answers. I understand about not feeling clever or funny enough. None of the people who are commenting on my previous post are guilty of not responding to their audience, in some way or another. There are blogs that I have read where there are a few comments on each post,and none of them are addressed, neither in a responding comment or in a follow-up post. That feels discounting, maybe the blogger is totally unaware of the comments, and doesn’t go back to check for them. If I am interested in a thread, and the option for getting an email alert is available I use it, but I don’t always do that, afterall, if I write” nice photos” or “I enjoyed the ...

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I want to know too.

I was reading La Gringa’s Blogicito and this post struck a nerve. She asks ” why don’t bloggers answer comments?”. This has actually been festering in me for awhile. I understand that some blogs are big and get hundreds of comments. But even Dawn who writes the fabulously popular Because I said so with hundreds of comments, dedicates her Sunday Sound Out to comments and questions where she tries answer as many as she can. It’s obvious that her readers and comments are important to her. Awhile ago, a member of one of the forums I frequent, posted her blog address and asked readers to check it out. I love reading blogs, especially ex-pat blogs, so I read hers. I found the first post and read her entire blog so far. I made comments because I so appreciate it when someone takes the time and makes the effort to comment on my blog. I take that as a gift from ...

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