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It’s raining

Rainy Day PoemThe rain started,I don’t know how long it will stay,but it’s nice so far. I like it when it rains here, it rains for a little while and everything cools off. There are great thunder storms too,but Mr. Dog hates those. He hides under the kitchen counter or in the bathroom.On the down side it usually rains as soon as my clothes on the line are fully dry. The day that the rains started, we got the clothes off the line before the rain fell but forgot that we had left the pillows out to sun. It took them two days to get totally dry, even after vigorous squishing.I also forgot that I had left the hose on for an hour” to really water the bananas well”,I guess it could have been much worse, I did remember to turn it off on the same day as I turned it on. I looked pretty silly, I was quietly sitting, ...

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Feeling blue

I feel like I am one step behind everyone else. A bit out of the loop, Husband and I went to the Blogger meeting on Isla arranged by Wayne. Now I have been reading everyone else’s blogs and it feels like I wasn’t there at all, oh, I had fun, don’t misunderstand me, but I seemed to always be behind or not understanding something. There was a golf cart tour of the Island, I decided not to do it, it was 400 pesos for the rental of a cart (and since I need to pay the carpenter another 2k this week ,it just seemed like too much money to spend) and the idea of driving around for 3 hours doesn’t sound like fun to me. So Husband and I walked to where we all were meeting, we got there an hour early. I didn’t want to sit there for an hour waiting like the wallflower that I am, so I ...

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Is housework a job?

If you blog, you can get a program called google analytics, that tells you stuff about who reads your blog. For example, most of the people (50.66% in the last month) who read this blog reach it from another blog. Either because I wrote a comment and they wanted to know more about me or because the blogger recommended me by putting me in their links section. 26.78% of you have me bookmarked or saved to favorites, which is really nifty, it means that you like what I say well enough to want to come back on your own or you are my family, I do have a lot of family. The interesting part is 13.57% find my blog via search engines. Some of the searches make me think that I have talked to you,or someone who knows me has told you that I have a blog, because 19 of the searches involved my name or my blog’s name. Before ...

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DoRe Meme

CancunCanuck did this meme, I read it, but didn’t notice my name at the bottom until just now. My friend, who commented using the cute name of Strawberry PJs, which is not a tribute to Strawberry Shortcake but rather what she was wearing plus her favorite fruit, but it’s still a cute name, very retro, even if it’s retro to my kid’s generation not ours, but hey, we didn’t have any cute dolls like that. It was Barbie and that was pretty much it, Barbie had different hair colours , you bought her outfits,and if you were lucky you had a Barbie townhouse. Here goes the meme, and I promise you no more memes for at least a month, I declare April a meme free month! What are your top 3 favorite foods? Pizza, spaghetti with pesto,fried bananas Do you have a screen name and what is it? Hey! actually, I am lazy and use Theresa or Theresa in Merida ...

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Cochinita and a new cooking blog

If you check out the links you will see that I have added a link to Belina’s Adventures, this is a relatively new cooking blog. Belina has been posting recipes on Merida Insider for some time, I am thrilled that she now has them in blog form.When she posted a recipe for Cochinita Pibil,the lazy way, I was thrilled. Cochinita is one of Husband’s favorites, and unlike mole (another one of his favorites) I like it too. I faithfully followed the recipe. Until I got to the part where she says to cook it, she suggests a pressure cooker or pot and says to cook until it’s done.I lined the pressure cooker with the banana leaves, layered the lovely achiote marinated pork on top, folded the banana leaves over the pork. So far so good. After I had put the top on the pressure cooker, I realized that there was no liquid to provide steam and pressure.I admit it, I ...

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Tagged again! 5 things

Okay, fned tagged me. I have to start with the disclaimer that I am not particularly deep,so don’t expect any great wisdom from me. I don’t do well with hypothetical, I am a sensate, I have to see it, feel it and maybe even smell it, I don’t have much of an imagination. 5 things you want your child to know: How to cook and bake, you don’t have to like doing it, but it comes in handy. How to sew, if you know how to sew, you can tell if something you buy is wellmade, sometimes you can only get something you want by making it yourself. It’s easier and faster to sew that button back on yourself than drive to the cleaners to have someone do it. How to read. Actually, I think this is one of the most important skills. Along with this is how to research and organize information. how to delegate, you can’t do everything ...

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I just realized that I left Cancun Canuck’s blog called A Canuck in Cancun off my list of interesting blogs! Hopefully you have already discovered her writings for yourself! Cannucka and Wayne of Isla Mujeres:Gringo in Paradise are hosting the first Latin American Bloggers Convention. I haven’t made it to Carnaval yet, though the traffic from Carnaval has certainly made to my street, there were traffic jams with the corresponding honking and unintelligible police voices over their loudspeakers. I can’t understand those things in English, let alone in Spanish, why don’t they have classes in speaking clearly on a microphone? My plan is to call Jonna and see if they are still in town and we can go to Carnaval tonight.

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Tagged again!

I have been tagged again! I feel like a blank wall inviting graffiti artists. This time it was Sans at Que Pasa? The rules are the same as before: There are a few rules one must follow to play the game. When tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other people.   1. I will probably eat anything if you deep fry it or cover it with cream sauce. Tempura with cream gravy is probably my idea of fusion cuisine but I have never tried it. 2. Historical costuming is a big passion of mine, I am trying to figure out a reason to make this polonaise but can’t come up with one (yet). 3. I like lemon drops more than I like chocolate. 4. I can sing better in ...

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What would you do if you were tagged?

I got tagged today, by Kathy in Tennessee, she probably got my blog address because I have posted comments on Because I said so! which is a blog written by a very funny lady with 6 kids. Here are the rules, I got lazy and just copied them from Kathy’s blog: There are a few rules one must follow to play the game. When tagged, you must link to the person who tagged you. Then post the rules before your list, and list eight random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other people. 1. I usually don’t do these types of things. I also delete most chain emails. 2. My favorite colour is red. 3. I like to use British spellings such as colour, honour and grey even if it makes the spell checker crazy. 4. My favorite foods are tostones and pizza, probably not together. —Tostones are fried plantains, ...

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Social Friday

Last night was a very busy one in the Merida social scene. We live a block or two from La Ermita de Santa Isabel, which is often prefaced with the words the beautiful. The ayuntamento (city government) is after tourist income in a big way, and part of the master plan is to make The beautiful La Ermita de Santa Isabel more of cultural center. Yesterday, there was the kick-off festival for the Day of the Dead. In Merida, we like to celebrate, celebrate early and often. So around 4pm the traffic on our already busy street started to stagnate. To add to the festive air, many drivers joyously used their claxons. It’s amazing the range of noise that car horns offer. I missed the festival because last night was also the IWC’s anniversary party. The IWC is the Merida International Women’s Club. While our car idled it’s way toward La Ermita, we were passed by many pedestrians and bicyclists, ...

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