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Great plans and ambitions

Ah ha! This is my very first blog entry! I feel so empowered with all this blank space to fill with my thoughts and ideas. It‘s fitting that my blog begins today, since we went to immigration on Avenida Colon and picked up our newly prorogued FM-3 visas. So we are good for another year here as Rentistas non-lucrativas, which basically means we can’t work while living here. Prorogue was not in my  vocabulary until we moved to Mexico. I love the daily  usage of words like that in Spanish, you have to love a language that routinely uses the word penultimate! Oh, since I live in Mexico, my spell check on blogger is in Spanish, so it’s pretty useless to me, unless I actually decide to post in that language. I really need a spell checker, so if any of my 2 or 3 readers has an idea how to fix that I would appreciate it. My goals are to learn to upload ...

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