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Life in Merida- not all fiestas and parades.

People probably imagine our life here in Merida as exotic and exciting. Life in Merida is not all fiestas and parades, sometimes it’s just life. Instead of a parade, there will be a Chiapan family marching by, trumpets and drums making a discordant cacophony, stopping at our door hoping that we’ll tip them to go and play somewhere else. Sometimes, it’s the alarm at the Dunosusa going off at 7am every morning. Sometimes, it’s firecrackers and ambulances. Sometimes, it’s just life in a city of a million people.Life in Merida is not all fiestas and parades. Generally, my personality is sunny and optimistic, so much so, that I’ve been accused of being a Pollyanna. I don’t think Pollyanna is such a bad role model, do you? However,I have been a tad blue lately, getting up well after 8 am, and just generally feeling listless. Yes, I know activity is the enemy of depression and so I have started doing  more ...

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I am naive

My histochemical report came back. I am positive for HER2/neu. I had a very aggressive breast cancer. I want to cover my ears and go “nah-nah-nah- I can’t hear you. I don’t want to hear you.” but I can’t. My oncologist refered me to another oncologist for treatment. Basically, my survival rate is 70% with just the mastectomy alone. If that isn’t scary enough, the fact that I had all that other additional stuff, the hematoma and staph infection means that the cancer had lots of opportunites to break free and go running through my body looking for another playground.  Heck, only 1 to 4 % of people who get breast cancer have pagets, and only 20% have the protein involvement. Viewed in that light, 70% sounds too close to 50% for me to take a chance. With this treatment I get bumped up to 90%. That sounds better. I’ve decided that having cancer is like being an alcholic, it’s ...

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Ding Dong the Cancer’s Gone!

My pathology report came back the other day. Having a mastectomy was the right decision. Turns out that along with the ductal carcinoma en situ ( DCIS), I also  had paget’s disease of the breast in my nipple. I pretty much won the breast cancer lottery, this is a rare condition that only occurs in 1 to 4 percent of breast cancers and is usually misdiagnosed until it’s too late. I always say that I have the world’s best bad luck. My attitude is that even if I have bad luck, if it had happened to someone else, it would have been worse.  My oncologist said that my report couldn’t have been better,the margins and lymph nodes are clear. Now I have to wait a week or so for the histochemical report to determine what adjuvant  therapy I will need. Some friends came by and they commented that I look perky and vibrant, but I certainly don’t feel that way.  I get tired ...

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Accepting my diagnosis of breast cancer

Everything happened so fast, not even a week after I saw Dr Carla to when I had my biopsy. Looking back at my notes, I see that there was a period of about five days after the biopsy that I didn’t do anything. That is because I was waiting for the results from the pathologist. I fully expected him to tell me that it wasn’t DCIS and only calcifications. My brain shut off as the Dr Sanchez explained that the cells were definitely DCIS and I had cancerous cells in the margins too.  He assured me that DCIS is 100% curable with surgery. I decided at that moment that I would have a tram flap reconstruction immediately after my surgery. The first of my expectations that had to go.  Doctor Sanchez said that he didn’t recommend it being done that way. I asked for a second opinion from another pathologist. Two days later, I dropped off my slides and paraffin ...

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Going on a medical leave of absence

I have a doctor’s note and everything! Writting a blog is an interesting experience, I have made many friends through this medium and grown as a writer. I have around 3000 regular readers, in the blogosphere is a drop in bucket, but which I am so grateful for. I debate how much is oversharing and how much to keep back. It’s a fine line.  Rather than just not post for awhile and leave you all wondering what happened. Here it is, the short version is: On October 8th I went in for a surgical breast biopsy and I have DCIS (ductal carcinoma in situ) in my right breast. The good news is that it’s 100% curable by surgery. The bad news is that means on Wednesday, they are going to remove my right breast. It totally sucks. I have cried and I’m crying right now. However, as cancer goes, this is pretty straightforward. I will be in the hospital for ...

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