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Second time

Pride goeth before a fall. My second expansion was yesterday. I was feeling pretty cocky, a couple of people had told me it would hurt, but it had been merely uncomfortable. The doctor only put in 30 ml (first time was 50) in three groups of 10 ml each, a little more than a tablespoon (28 ml). So I figured I would get my inflation, then go to the Wednesday night Slow Foods Organic Market, maybe eat dinner at El Templo while I was there. The doctor put in the first injection, it didn’t really hurt in my breast area, but what did what hurt was a shooting pain that went down my arm, to my elbow, ending at my wrist. My doctor is practicing his English on me, I taught him some new words. I think he hit a nerve, he thinks he might have injected the saline solution too quickly. Thankfully, the following two “fillings” didn’t hurt. Unfortunately, ...

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House arrest

“It’s just like Hell”, I remember a friend telling me years ago when she was being treated for carpal tunnel and could not lift anything. She is a creative person like me, and even reading in bed semi-violated her restrictions; this was before e-readers and even laptops. My restrictions aren’t as prohibitive as hers were. I am not supposed to lift my right arm over my head  nor pick up anything that weighs more than 5 pounds. Included in that not picking up is not exerting more than 5 pounds of force, like in pulling open a heavy door, mopping the floor, doing laundry, and other activities of daily life. I’ve even had to rethink how I get up out of bed! I can’t push up using my right arm. While I can sew, I probably shouldn’t since the fabric might be too heavy for me to lift! I am definitely right handed. So dominant is my right side that ...

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Home again

Tuesday was a lesson in patience.  Thinking that I had the process figured out because I had done it once, I didn’t bother to go to the window when I arrived. Last time, they had told me that they would call me when it was my admitting time. At 1:35, when they had not called my name, Nora and I walked up to the window. I passed my original authorization chit, that my surgeon had simply crossed out my last appointment and written my new date on. The clerk looked at the paper, asked me a couple of questions, then asked to see my carnet, (in this case it’s an ID booklet in which my appointments are supposed to be written, but aren’t). I almost didn’t bring it, since I had not needed it last time, but at the last minute decided to just bring all my Seguro Popular stuff, just to be safe. She leisurely wrote on a slip ...

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No more lopsidedness

After I had my mastectomy, I swore that I would never ever have another surgery again. Duke loved me even if I didn’t have a right breast, my in-bra prosthesis looks natural even if it wasn’t quite as large as my other (34 DDD) natural left one. Then my left shoulder started to drop, there is a visible difference between my right and left shoulders. My left is at least an inch lower and now slopes down at an angle. My blouses all slide down to the left now, no matter what I do. Then my rib-cage began to expand. Ouch, honestly, I thought I had a tumor pressing up on my ribs. My shoulders constantly ache, sometimes my neck hurts too. Out of morbid curiosity, I weighed my silicon prosthesis, it weighed a kilo (2.2 pounds)! Who knows what my real breast weighed? Probably, a kilo and a half (over three pounds). Try wandering around with an extra three ...

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