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Mexican Butter.

Where can I find good butter in Mexico? Mexican butter is probably one of the most discussed ex-pat topics, right behind toilet paper disposal. When the Dunosusa mini-market opened their doors down the street from our house, I asked for butter at the small deli counter. The lady offered me margarine. When I repeated that I wanted butter, she shrugged, replying,”It’s the same thing.” I didn’t argue but neither did I buy the proffered plastic placebo. Is placebo the right word? I assume that most placebos are either benign or inert. Poison sounds harsh but is more accurate. The Extra (a convenience store similar to 7/11) recently started carrying butter. However, ten years ago, nearest butter was 7 blocks away but only Lala or La Gloria brands. Mexican butter tastes odd to most North Americans, probably to Europeans too. It has a slightly plastic mouth feel. It’s okay in cooking, but I wondered about that off taste.  It worried me. ...

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