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Wow, sitting in seats really changes the Carnaval experience! All those bobbing feathers were attached to some fantastic costumes. Also bring a camera, and unlike me, check your batteries first (I replaced my worn down rechargeables with some other worn down rechargeables). Seriously, it was like magic, a tired looking marcher would catch sight of Mrs WB’s camera and transform into a smiling, strutting performer. I have four, count them FOUR carnaval necklaces that I caught, considering that I am middle aged, grey haired and chubby that’s not a bad haul. I figured that I must look like someone’s mother plus I know how to pantomime begging and pleading. There was some cool loot given out, Coca Cola gave out really nice bags, little red portable radios, sodas and pens. Most of which I watched other people catch but I did get a cold Coke Zero (I think that is what they are called, it comes in a black can) I ...

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