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Nothing serious

Mrs WB and I have painting class together on Fridays. She paints tropical landscapes, sea shells, boats and all sorts of pretty paintings. I always admire her efforts, but somehow I can’t seem to follow her lead. It never occurs to me to paint a landscape, my fevered brain wants to paint things like Iguanas Playing Poker inspired by CM Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker series. I have, so far, resisted the temptation. However I indulged my penchant for whimsy with a pair of Catrin paintings, a revolutionary Adelita and a Bella Epocha lady. Last Friday they were joined by this trio of Mariachis. I couldn’t resist giving them all mustaches and eyebrows. Mariachis with Mustaches mixed media Normally my paintings are acrylic on board, this time I also used a white grease pencil, various Sharpie indelible markers and other felt pens in my possession. I also put a coat of triple glaze over it all. Here are all my skeletons ...

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