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Let there be light

Spinning out of control the globe flung itself downwards, shattering like Humpty Dumpty never to be put back together again. Hearing it’s explosive finish, we hurried into the dining room to find it scattered over the table.I have the world’s best bad luck, no one had been eating at the time. Our bedroom ceiling fan came crashing onto down onto the foot of our bed during the day, once again no one was in the room. Since this is about ceiling fans not cars, I will save the story about my clutch cable for another day. I have what I call mitigated bad luck, if it had happened to someone less fortunate it would have been worse. Just call me Lucky. When we were remodeling our house, I insisted that I wanted a pretty ceiling fan with a light. After pricing my dream fan, we bought a Hampton Bay fan at Home Depot. It had the requisite light. Two important ...

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