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DIY verdigris

“What do you think? It’s verdigris.” “Looks like stuff I spent hours trying to get rid of when I was an apprentice.” “Good, that’s the look I was going for.” Husband and I don’t agree about verdigris. I love the patina, the idea of something ancient looking, the layers of character, and the colors. Husband just sees something that needs to be sanded and restored to pristine sparkle. The backyard bodega (storage shed) proved a little to damp for the NSF wire rack. It rusted and was on it’s way to a bad end. I replaced it with plastic shelving and attacked it with a wire brush. Then I got the brilliant idea of using copper color paint instead of bright silver. If I had used spray paint, maybe it would have worked better. It didn’t occur to me to take pictures along the way. The first layer is Berel 100% Acrilico Esmalte Metálico in cobre (copper colored acrylic enamel) ...

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A little side trip

It’s not exactly a newsflash when I say that I’m easily side tracked. It’s the dark side of being interested in a lot of stuff. When something new comes along, it’s always more interesting than the same old thing. One of my guidelines that I am following i s to complete a project before going on to another one. That doesn’t mean that I can’t have more than one thing happening because even I can’t crochet non-stop. In this instance I’m talking about the home redecorating project. While I have made great strides in the dining room, building a farmhouse style table, repainting the china cabinet and framing some art, I’m only about 70% done. One of the things about having a plan, it’s okay to deviate from it, a long as there is a good reason. A couple of months back, I bought a king size head board and foot board. I was concerned that it would be a ...

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My apprenticeship continues

Now that I had my key element for the table, A.M. and I walked  five houses down the street to buy the rest of the lumber and have the legs cut shorter. A.M. had expressed concern that the legs looked too long, but I measured them against my body and I thought that they hit my hip in exactly the same place as our current table. As my husband tells me, if it’s possible to mess something up, an apprentice will find the most creative way to do it. With that sage advice in mind, I compared the legs to the table. I was correct, they were the same height, but I had forgotten that the table top would add another inch. Since the table was already on the tall side, another inch would have made it too high for comfortable dining. So as a neophyte, I decided to follow the plans as given. I like to be open to new experiences. ...

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Time for some changes

My dad wants to know what I’ve been up to, not enough to call me on the phone and ask, but enough to chide me about my lack of posting when I call him. Apparently, phones only work with outgoing calls in Mexico, because while my siblings, offspring and other relatives (with the notable exception of my oldest brother ) no one calls us. Monday, a cold that I have been fighting won the battle. Due to lack of experience, I am a dreadful person to be around when I am ill. My frustration level is low and according to Husband I am less than nice. Today, I feel a little better and in order to take my mind off my aches and pains I’m blogging. I was going to sew but my machine had other ideas. Speaking of sewing, I decided to redecorate the terraza by making slip covers and new decorative cushions.  True to form, I forgot to ...

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