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Chaos theory

Last week, I gave up painting class. It’s not that I don’t like painting or my class. It’s that I need a break, my life, once again has gotten chaotic. Piles dominate my studio, my new easel sits unused in a corner. Some of those piles are the result of me simplifying my life. When we repainted the kitchen and dining room, I removed everything from the kitchen shelves and put them in the studio. Nothing is returning to the kitchen unless I need it. So far there is more stuff in the studio than in the kitchen. If you have been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that I have what I call enthusiasms. They are cyclic,though like long term weather patterns, we know that a pattern exists but aren’t really aware of them in our daily lives. I thought that I wanted to be an Artist (with a capital A) but apparently not. Or ...

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Scrambled brains

All these blog post ideas are competing for space in my brain. I want to write about my impressions of Mérida after being gone for a month. I want to write about new projects and the fact that my camera seems to be DOA. There’s this mishmash of thoughts competing for space in my mind, so this may be one of my most disorganized blog posts ever, hang on, strap in, Consider it free association without the intellectual challenge of Ulysses (James Joyce not the Greek Odysseus). We went out to dinner last night to celebrate my return home. Husband wanted to go to La Habichuela, but I was lukewarm. I have wanted to go there for years, but somehow I had gotten the impression that it was Spanish cuisine. When I learned that it wasn’t,I lost my enthusiasm, not that the menu isn’t tempting or interesting. We ended up taking a taxi to Slavia, which was nice, intimate and ...

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My projects

I have been getting terribly behind in my all my projects lately. I am pretty much done with any planting until August, we are going to be gone until February and then there is going to be some construction happening. I have come to the conclusion that the albañil is that gardener’s natural enemy. I have lost so darn many plants to them. I have had escombro (debris) poured on top of my plants, cement dust burn the leaves of plants, and my pots used to mix cement, I have also had workers take naps on top of my plants. So I will have to figure out what to do with my potted plants while the roof is being repaired. Then it will be March and blazing hot, so no gardening for me. Like I said, this is it for awhile, I think. I have some sewing that I would like to do before I go, but I think I ...

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Flashing stopsigns

I want a flashing stopsign in front of our corner. They are very cool! A regular size stop sign with LEDs outlining the familiar shape. Actually, they came out a few days ago and put new vibradores on our corner. These are not your wimpy bots dots, these are impressive. And they are working! It also helps that this time, the vibradores are at least 3 meters from the corner, the last batch was at the limit line, a little late to do much good. The city also replaced the little whimpy stop sign with 2 large ones on either side of the street. I predict that things will be a little quieter on our street without a weekly car crash to bring the neighbors out to chat.Why so many accidents?  Well, up until our corner the vehicles traveling down our street have the right of way, and I guess the drivers get lulled into believing that they will always ...

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