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I hate hemming Husband’s pants, to be more precise I don’t like hemming anyone’s store bought pants. If I am already sewing a garment it’s no big deal to machine a hem. For some reason it just seems overwhelming to haul out the sewing machine (assuming that I finally put it away) find the right thread, put the hemming foot on and then spend two minutes hemming the pants. So I hem his pants by hand instead, it takes the same length of time as the machine set up. All of Husband’s pants need hemming, they no longer make pants in his length, so I hem them to the length that goes with his shoes. When he walks around in chanclas instead of his dress shoes the hem drags a tiny bit. Just enough to start abrading the hem, eventually the pants acquire that unattractive frayed  give off that heterosexual bachelor vibe, ala Oscar Madison.The look that is often completed ...

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Why is gingham called mascota in Spanish?

Scouring the fabric stores for two hours this afternoon, I finally found what I was looking for, black and white mascota ( mascot or pet is the literal translation ). I have no idea why gingham is called mascota in Spanish. I had shown my daughter the C0501 young girl’s  dress and she liked it. She gave me some ideas on fabrics that she would like. One of her likes was a classic, black and white gingham. Gingham or mascota  is readily available for about $16 a meter or one dollar six cents a yard (at today’s extraordinarily favorable exchange rate of 14 to 1). Unfortunately, it’s a crummy synthetic fabric that feels like nylon to me. Wanting a quality fabric,preferably one made of cotton, I headed to the basement.El Gran Chapur has a very nice selection of fabrics in the basement of their centro location. The fabrics there are lovely, lots of cottons, tropical weight wool and linen and ...

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