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A week in my Mérida life part 2

Monday ended with swimming and hanging out. I don’t remember what the temperature was, just that it was a lovely afternoon. Having been on the pantry diet for awhile (eating what’s in the pantry) we decided to go to Walmart after seeing the chiropractor. Walmart is not my grocery store of choice, Megabalcones is my favorite. However, Walmart is close to Alerfin. Since there really was very little food in the house, we had salad for breakfast. I like salad for breakfast, especially when it’s my multiple choice salad. Greens plus fresh fruit plus seeds or nut plus dried fruit and some sort of cheese. The dressing is usually oil and vinegar. We had romaine,apple,pepitas, dried cranberries and some shredded Italian cheese mix. Having bought some avocado oil at Costco I mixed it with  rice wine vinegar for the dressing. Yum. Leaving home around ten, we walked to the bus stop at C 56 x 59 y 57 looking for ...

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How things have changed

Living here close on eight years we’ve seen a lot of changes. Most of the changes have been superficial. Lots of clean up and sprucing up of the city, La Ermita, San Sebastián, La Plaza de La Independencia have all had face lifts. New stores have come in Pacsadeli comes to mind first, then Superama. Chedraui Itzaes (where we do the bulk of our shopping) got cleaned up when Bodega  Aurrera  opened a store on  Avenida Itzaes. Costco, Sam’s Club,Home and Office Depot  were already here before us. We remember when Gran Plaza Mall was the modern place to shop, now there’s City Center, Las Galerias and of course, Alta Brisa. I’m sure that I am leaving out some other mall but I don’t get out much. Star Medica arrived, so Clinica de Mérida got a face lift to compete with them. Mérida also is now home to the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de la Península de Yucatán. Medical ...

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Imagine that?

“Imagine that” is what my son’s father would say when confronted with evidence that he was mistaken. According to my friend, Lin I am pretty much assimilated! We were talking about it in the pool this morning. Her points were that I speak Spanish I shop in the local stores I eat local food, including using Mexican brands I have friends who are Mexican who don’t speak English I don’t live in Gringo Gulch I think that there were a few more things, but off hand I can’t remember them. My post yesterday was meant to be a longer one but there were a few power outages so ni modo, I published what I had already written. The longer I live here the more comfortable I am. When we first moved here, walking downtown was sometimes overwhelming. The crowds of people, the games of chicken with opposing walkers, and the general noise levels. Due to enforcement of noise pollution laws, ...

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I begin to see daylight

Yesterday was spent waiting for someone who didn’t show up, he didn’t show up because he spent yesterday waiting for someone else, who didn’t show up. While I was waiting I finished my two dresses. The pink smocked dress came out exactly like I envisioned, unfortunately it is not the least bit flattering on me. I have these breaks with reality sometimes, I have only one shirred dress that looks good on me, it’s only shirred in the back. Unless I lose so much weight that I look like a prison camp refugee, that dress will never look good on me. It makes me look dumpy. The orange/brown dress looks better, it does make it more obvious that I have a tummy, but the tummy is on it’s way to becoming extinct. My plan is to have a flat tummy before I arrive in California. I know I can do it.I just layered the dresses over what the dummy was ...

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