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Chemo is over- moving forward with life

Chemo is over now!  I am also halfway through the herceptin therapy. I still have to go to the chemo room every 3 weeks because herceptin is  administered via IV but it takes only about half an hour. Last week I was done in an hour, including waiting time and my consult with Dr. Bastarrachea  compared to the 2 1/2  hours the first six pre-chemo/chemo/herceptin  combo and consults took. I have had my share of adventures. My surgical site developed another seroma. The first one happened after my biopsy/lumpectomy. That’s one of the reasons combined with the staph infection that there was a month between the biopsy and the mastectomy. Doctors prefer not to operate on people with active staph infection. This time around I was spared the infection but had yet another drain installed. This is my third one, I now have several interesting round scars  around my right rib cage, but the six inch one where my breast ...

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I got a haircut to celebrate my penultimate chemo.

My hairdresser came to the house and gave me a haircut yesterday. I love that about Mexico, servicio a domicilio. I haven’t had my haircut since October and it was getting that attractive look between a cue tip and a dandelion unless I put coconut oil on it. When people haven’t seen me for awhile, they always peer at me and say in what sounds like an accusing manner to me,”You look pretty good.” Sometimes they follow that up with, “How come you haven’t lost your hair?”  I always want to be a wise acre and say,”Yeah but you should have seen me last week!”. The truth is that I am taking a light course of chemo and Dr Bastarrachea had assured me that I wouldn’t be losing my hair. In actuality, around chemo number 3 my hair did start to fall out. I was leaving bigger wads of hair in the shower but nothing like what my friends who ...

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I miss my brain.

The worst part of chemo for me has been chemo brain.  Yesterday afternoon, I went to my first IWC event this year, one of the tea/happy hours. The teas are potlucks and I made some candied almonds and pumpkin seeds using this recipe  as my base. I added an additional two cups of pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and substituted cinnamon for the sugar. Unfortunately, I grabbed the directions to the hostesses house but left the candy behind. Everyone does this stuff, but I am doing it more often than not. My understanding is that the brain fog goes away and memory returns sometime after chemo stops. I have been adding extra coconut oil to my diet and been very  diligent about my eating lately. I’ve even learned to cook fish! okay, I cooked cod and both Husband and I liked it.  My fish cooking is usually limited to shrimp scampi. Anyway, I claim that as a victory. My writing has suffered ...

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I am naive

My histochemical report came back. I am positive for HER2/neu. I had a very aggressive breast cancer. I want to cover my ears and go “nah-nah-nah- I can’t hear you. I don’t want to hear you.” but I can’t. My oncologist refered me to another oncologist for treatment. Basically, my survival rate is 70% with just the mastectomy alone. If that isn’t scary enough, the fact that I had all that other additional stuff, the hematoma and staph infection means that the cancer had lots of opportunites to break free and go running through my body looking for another playground.  Heck, only 1 to 4 % of people who get breast cancer have pagets, and only 20% have the protein involvement. Viewed in that light, 70% sounds too close to 50% for me to take a chance. With this treatment I get bumped up to 90%. That sounds better. I’ve decided that having cancer is like being an alcholic, it’s ...

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