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INAPAM and CITUR- turning 60 in Mexico is a good thing.

What do these three things have in common? Disneyland, Arroyo High School, Me. 2015 is our 60th birthday year! Yup, I am now a senior citizen, turning 60 in Mexico is a good thing. It means you can get an INAPAM card and a CITUR pass. INAPAM stands for Instituto National de las Personas Adultos Mayores – the program covers a lot of cool stuff. With my INAPAM card, I also qualified for a CITUR pass; sorry, I don’t know what the letters actually stand for, or if it’s just a cute way to spell city tour. CITUR entitles you to a reduced fare on some city buses, but not all. The ones with A/C are usually exempt. This is a significant savings if you are a regular bus rider, like me. The lower fare has me chosing a different bus line, I used to take the bus with a/c if given a choice. Normally, I am not given to social commentary but ...

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