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Where did it all go? Look on your back!

Recently, I read that women spend an average of 20% of their income on clothes,to put that in perspective they spend  6% of their income on food. When I worked and lived NOB, I depended on those people. A great deal of the garments they bought ended up in thrift shops and from there into my wardrobe. When I was pondering my closet and lack of stuff to wear, I did research on the net about style. One website totally freaked me out when I read that the poster loved jeans and has over 200 pairs! How do you even keep track of that many pairs of pants? Are there that many styles and types of jeans? Has she never thrown anything out in her life? I have two pairs of jeans and one denim skirt. I am contemplating sewing another denim skirt. I just read an article about a woman in the UK who vowed not to buy clothes ...

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Looking for myself

Turning 57 this year has made me introspective. Introspection does not come naturally to me, it’s right below Planning and Forethought on my list of things I forget to do behaviors to engage in more often. I’ve made a decision not to buy any more new clothes, sewing them or accepting used clothes from friends is okay, but buying new clothes is not. Part of my renewed interest in sewing is due to the VPLL 1912 Project and my involvement in the project. The other thing is that I have no style anymore. When I worked in retail, my style was professional/trendy and as an office manager it was office clothes, mostly office casual. I love tailored clothes. I like rayon separates with jackets. I like suits even pant suits. I wore Jones of New York, Liz Claiborne and shopped at the Clothes Barn. Not really, I shopped their clearance racks and bought my clothes second hand. However, they were ...

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Partying til dawn

Partying ‘til dawn is a very Mexican thing,I only made it until 11:30 at the Time Travelers’ Ball. Seizing the opportunity to wear my pink mules that I bought in Ticul for $100 pesos or maybe it was $50, anyway, an incredible bargain for dress up shoes that didn’t match anything that I owned at the time, and rocking some matching polish on the toes I was all set to boogey all night. Around 10 pm my knees started protesting and I switched to chanclas (flip flops), cute dressy chanclas however. Here are some shots of my fellow party goers. Even though I have started remembering to bring along my camera, I’m not much of photographer.I apologize to everyone who I caught with their eyes closed. For some reason I can’t get the photos correct. I think it may because I uploaded them as a group rather than one at a time.     This is the silent auction table ...

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