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“Now why don’t he write?”

For some odd reason the scene in Dances with Wolves when Dunbar finds a an old skeleton on the prairie and Timmons says “I’ll bet someone back east is going, “Now why don’t he write?” has stuck in my mind. Out of that entire movie, it’s the only scrap of dialog that has stayed with me, I had to look up the characters’ names but I remember the scene vividly. This morning I woke up thinking about letter writing. It’s simply mind boggling when you start to think about how much people used to write . People thought nothing of penning letters to authors and maintaining long correspondences that spanned years.Ordinary folk kept journals,teens secretly scribbled their innermost thoughts in padlocked diaries. Receiving letters from home was a celebrated event. Old love letters were wrapped in ribbon and tenderly preserved. Instead of composing missives to our loved ones, we dash off emails, tweet and send text messages (okay, I struggle ...

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