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starting over again, need input

My laptop has been pronounced dead. The tech says that I can spend $600 mxn for a diagnostic scan but the result will probably be that I need a new motherboard. He can buy me one for $4000 mxn or I can order a refurbished one online from a Chinese company for around $200 usd (2600 mx). I can then  have a friendly snowbird fly it down on their annual migration. I’d still have to have it installed etc but that would be a mere $300 mxn. We paid about $8000 mxn on sale for the HPs at Costco in Merida. It was overkill for my needs but a very good deal. Husband thinks that I should just get an apple. MK, an Apple fan from way back says that she hasn’t heard of Apples having the heat problems that the HP has. She also praised the new Apple Store at AltaBrisas Mall, who honored her USA warranty. I need some input ...

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How things have changed

Living here close on eight years we’ve seen a lot of changes. Most of the changes have been superficial. Lots of clean up and sprucing up of the city, La Ermita, San Sebastián, La Plaza de La Independencia have all had face lifts. New stores have come in Pacsadeli comes to mind first, then Superama. Chedraui Itzaes (where we do the bulk of our shopping) got cleaned up when Bodega  Aurrera  opened a store on  Avenida Itzaes. Costco, Sam’s Club,Home and Office Depot  were already here before us. We remember when Gran Plaza Mall was the modern place to shop, now there’s City Center, Las Galerias and of course, Alta Brisa. I’m sure that I am leaving out some other mall but I don’t get out much. Star Medica arrived, so Clinica de Mérida got a face lift to compete with them. Mérida also is now home to the Hospital Regional de Alta Especialidad de la Península de Yucatán. Medical ...

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Lost in time and space

I have been lost in time and space the last few days. This morning, I went with Husband to buy new tires for the car. We talked about checking out various places but decided to go to Costco, because it was easier. I think we did okay, but since I have no basis of comparison I really can’t say. Husband and I have been discussing frugality, not as a general topic but as it affects us. We’ve always been frugal, some it is because of my nature and some because of circumstances. I have been reading frugal, tightwad or penny pinching blogs recently. Hoping to pick up some tips. Sadly to say, most of what I read doesn’t really apply to us. We either can’t do some of the things or are already doing them. Buying in bulk usually doesn’t save money here and I already cook most of our food from scratch. The number one thing that we could ...

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