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Going to a Renfaire

Turns out that I am going to a RenFaire in August.  A dear friend of mine has offered me a place to stay in Santa Rosa while I visit La Primera and family. When I told him the dates, he said, “There’s a small RenFaire in San Jose the first weekend in August, we can go!” Harry and I do faire together, he was my assistant director for Heart of the Forest Faire (HOTF), and I was his for Dickens’ Fair. When Harry says let’s go to a faire, he doesn’t mean buy a ticket and wander around. He means let’s go and participate. The great and honorable guild of St. Swithens’ will be starting it’s come back tour, right now it looks like a trio, but we can build on that. Remember the Elizabethan smock that I made in January? It’s been joined by a new corset, a skirt, and my Sunday best bodice from HOTF. I just finished a second ...

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The Historical Sew Monthly

2016 is the year that I am going to join The Historical Sew Monthly. I figure by January I should be able to sew again.  January’s theme is procrastination- so I am going to finish my One-hour dress. I’m planning on attending the 2016 Dickens’ Fair and of course I need clothes. I don’t even know if my corset will fit and it makes no sense to try it on until after I am done with all my surgeries, but there are plenty of other things that I can make that won’t require that much fitting, like underpinnings. Now I have to figure out how to put the participant button on my sidebar. Since I can’t figure out how to make the RSS feed work, it may take me awhile, though there is a Facebook page I can join to post my stuff on. I think adding some more structure to my life will help me, and focusing on sewing ...

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Frozen Anna Capes

Frozen, the Disney movie is a big favorite at La Primera’s house (daughter #1) . She says it’s the best movie Disney has ever made and she is a big Disney fan. When I used to take the kids to the movies, both my daughters used to leave the theatre singing the songs! I remember La Primera  entered a singing contest, all the other kids were singing serious stuff, she sang, Kiss the Girl  from The Little Mermaid. As she looked out into the audience she could see the little kids in the front rows look amazed and start smiling. Her singing teacher probably got some flack from her peers when LP won. Now she just sings for her daughters. When I found Housewife Eclectic‘s  tutorial for making a cape just like Anna’s out of polar fleece, I knew it would be a hit with Las Nietas. Back in May it was 90º F in Merida-which made finding polar fleece as probable as finding a ...

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A tale of two tailors

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. BK and I planned our costumes well in advance of the second annual IWC Halloween party. Rightly or wrongly, we feel we have reputations to uphold after last year. That and we just really like to dress up. Our costume criteria this year was to use as much stuff that we had on hand as possible,the costume needed to be cool, comfortable and quickly constructed. I also wanted a costume that didn’t require hair (i.e. a wig). Also, while BK’s husband is less introverted than Husband, we had guidelines for his costume too, comfort being a priority. After discussing it and looking at the fabric stash, we decided to go with Cleopatra and Marc Anthony for BK and JK, a classic couple’s costume if there ever was one. I went as Nefertiti. Sometime last year, in a fit of misguided enthusiasm, BK and I had gone in on some knit fabrics.Lured by the ...

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Walk like an Egyptian

Here it is mid-September and I’m planning my Halloween costume already. Since I’m on the board for the IWC I’m not eligible to compete in their costume contest, so I don’t feel compelled to keep my idea secret. I want to be a goddess.Preferably from a hot country. Egyptian royalty is god on earth so I can’t decide if I want to be pharaoh in the incarnation of Cleopatra or maybe Nefertiti.I’m not sure that Nefertiti counts in the pantheon but she is considered the most beautiful woman of all time by some people, so that gives her some big chops even if she isn’t actually divine. The actual costume is very simple, it’s the accruements that are going to give it panache. Nefertiti doesn’t have hair, which means no wig so she gets points for that. The tall crown looks easy, adds height and is instantly recognizable.She would actually be the easiest. If someone mistakes me for Cleopatra, that’s ...

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Partying til dawn

Partying ‘til dawn is a very Mexican thing,I only made it until 11:30 at the Time Travelers’ Ball. Seizing the opportunity to wear my pink mules that I bought in Ticul for $100 pesos or maybe it was $50, anyway, an incredible bargain for dress up shoes that didn’t match anything that I owned at the time, and rocking some matching polish on the toes I was all set to boogey all night. Around 10 pm my knees started protesting and I switched to chanclas (flip flops), cute dressy chanclas however. Here are some shots of my fellow party goers. Even though I have started remembering to bring along my camera, I’m not much of photographer.I apologize to everyone who I caught with their eyes closed. For some reason I can’t get the photos correct. I think it may because I uploaded them as a group rather than one at a time.     This is the silent auction table ...

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Hustle bustle to get ready

The Time Travelers’ Ball is this weekend. Today is the last day to get tickets.Tuesday, I went out in my underwear to see if I could sell some tickets to the general public. Not that I would have gotten arrested for indecent exposure. I had on a pair of old bloomers and petticoat from my Dickens’ Fair days and my princess line slip, right side out this time, underneath my 1860s corset. Generally my corsets are pretty plain, since I wanted to attract some attention, I decorated it so it would match my hat. This hat used to be black, but I recovered it in red.  The pattern is from Denise Dreher’s excellent book, From the Neck Up. It’s being worn by a tiny lamp in the photo. Having  lent it to a friend for a hat contest, I can’t take a  photo of it on my head. Anyway, it looked good with the red and black stripes I put ...

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We are all travelers in time

Chairing the IWC’s first Time Travelers’ Ball  (TTB) has been interesting and fun. However, we need to sell some more tickets.  I think some people may be frightened by the theme.  There is nothing to fear. It’s the easiest costume ever. The hardest part is choosing. Waxing philosophical at the February meeting, I blurted out “We’re all travelers in time”. Rather than getting too metaphysical, we are always physically moving forward in time and mentally moving backward through our memories. I’m sure everyone has their favorite decade. I was pretty hot stuff in the 70s and 80s,if I wasn’t such a historical costume nut, I’d pick those eras. Half-joking, I said something about a silver jiffy pop dress that is hanging in someone’s closet would be perfect for the TTB if you came from the future. Or maybe a Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy bikini? A lovely piece of Hawaiian print would make a sarong, or a white fabric for a ...

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Costume revealed

Breaking with my longstanding tradition of stitching on costumes until the very last second, I finished my costume a few days ago. There is a sizable dent in my fabric stash, some of it went into a sultan costume for BK’s husband. I cut out the vest, but she decorated it and made his pantaloons. Our turbans were created for the event by skillful tying.The sultan sat patiently while BK stitched a large jewel to his recently wrapped headdress. BK and I gilded the lily by adding more bangles and bracelets to our outfits.The sultan got a sash and a sword. Said sword was featured in a dance that I performed after drinking two glasses of wine. I am sure that there are photos out there of that! BK had an Indian Shalwar Kameeze with a matching shawl that she borrowed the pantaloons from. The shawl was reincarnated as a popper and veil. Her top is a purchased coin decorated ...

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Soldiering on

image courtesy  Joanna van der Gracht Rosado Adelita is the nickname that was given to the  women who fought in the Mexican revolution. I dressed up as one for the Grito party, Joanna gave in September. The Adelita is a powerful symbol, a strong woman, combination soldier, camp follower, nurse, often carrying a baby on her back alongside her rifle. Darstellung zweier Soldaderas image courtesy Wikipedia Deutsch Carrying on my La Calavera Catrina theme, this week’s painting combined an iconic image of an two Adelitas that I found on Wikipedia’s German Language Edition, with a calavera catrina. Spanish spellings seem to be variable because I have seen the word written as canterina, catrina and catarina, today, I am using catrina. Tomorrow? Who nows? For now I have separated the two companions. I am planning on painting the remaining Adelita next week and perhaps the two together after that.  

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