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The Opera and the 1 hour dress

Thursday, on a whim, I purchased tickets to the opening night of The Marriage of Figero. One of the things I love about living in Merida, is the availability of culture. There is a symphony, both the Russian and Cuban Ballet have performed here, there are lots of museums, and there are art galleries. Admittedly, I don’t attend all those things, but I like being around the people who do. Occasionally, Husband and I will go to the symphony, I’ve been to a couple of string recitals,and we periodically do other cultural things. Now that I have my INAPAM card, I’m eligible for all sorts of discounts, including a 25% one on opera tickets. For less than twenty dollars each, my friend, Carol and I sat in heaven. The 3rd row balcony seats in the newly refurbished Peon Contreras Opera House. Opening night was yesterday, after spending the morning at the Hospital O’Horan (I’ve enrolled in Seguro Popular, but this ...

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Life in Merida- not all fiestas and parades.

People probably imagine our life here in Merida as exotic and exciting. Life in Merida is not all fiestas and parades, sometimes it’s just life. Instead of a parade, there will be a Chiapan family marching by, trumpets and drums making a discordant cacophony, stopping at our door hoping that we’ll tip them to go and play somewhere else. Sometimes, it’s the alarm at the Dunosusa going off at 7am every morning. Sometimes, it’s firecrackers and ambulances. Sometimes, it’s just life in a city of a million people.Life in Merida is not all fiestas and parades. Generally, my personality is sunny and optimistic, so much so, that I’ve been accused of being a Pollyanna. I don’t think Pollyanna is such a bad role model, do you? However,I have been a tad blue lately, getting up well after 8 am, and just generally feeling listless. Yes, I know activity is the enemy of depression and so I have started doing  more ...

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Back to the drawing board

I finished my first painting. It’s done with acrylics. It’s just okay, I know where I went wrong. I won’t bore you with the critque. I am sure number two will be better. The colours aren’t quite right in the photo either.

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I begin to see daylight

Yesterday was spent waiting for someone who didn’t show up, he didn’t show up because he spent yesterday waiting for someone else, who didn’t show up. While I was waiting I finished my two dresses. The pink smocked dress came out exactly like I envisioned, unfortunately it is not the least bit flattering on me. I have these breaks with reality sometimes, I have only one shirred dress that looks good on me, it’s only shirred in the back. Unless I lose so much weight that I look like a prison camp refugee, that dress will never look good on me. It makes me look dumpy. The orange/brown dress looks better, it does make it more obvious that I have a tummy, but the tummy is on it’s way to becoming extinct. My plan is to have a flat tummy before I arrive in California. I know I can do it.I just layered the dresses over what the dummy was ...

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