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Lies, insinuations, and innocence in the Yucatan

We all create our own reality. We see things through our own filters. I believe that. My Mexican experience is totally colored by my perceptions and attitude. I like to think of myself as friendly and helpful so of course I believe that most people are friendly and helpful.It doesn’t hurt that I have grey hair and look like your mother. Case in point, Sunday, BK, another girl friend, and I decided to check out the crafts fair at the Siglo 21. BK greeted me by saying,“There’s a noise under the hood because a piece of plastic has come loose and is flapping in the wind. I’ll have the mechanic check it on Monday”. In March, the Honda had been a victim of a hit and run accident while parked on an otherwise empty street. The bumper had suffered some damage along with the undercarriage. The dealership was supposed to have replaced the plastic housing, apparently they hadn’t fastened it ...

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Forgiveness Friday

I don’t normally postdate posts, but just this once I will.In México they say “Si Dios quiere” “if God wills it” when they are talking about something in the future. I am hoping that God does will it. Today at 9am at the very moment that this post is published, we will be dropping our denouncement and Gabby will be dropping hers.Then it just becomes an expensive nightmare which will show itself to be just smoke and mirrors in the light of day.We learned some things, if it doesn’t feel right, even if someone assures you that’s the way it is, go with your gut instinct. always get a receipt. two witnesses are necessary, one is not enough when a criminal attorney asks for a fee instead of taking a percentage of your award, you probably don’t have a case. just because a lawyer is on a list doesn’t make him the best lawyer for you. According to our Mexican ...

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Logic Test

“Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable.““Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.“Mark Twain There is a whole lot of time and energy being expended on the internet about how dangerous it is in Mexico. I was looking at some news online and the headline “Mexico Morgues run out of room” caught my eye. I thought that it would be about the incrediable red tape that you need to fill out when someone dies here or maybe that morgues haven’t kept up with population growth. Something peaked my morbid interest. It turned out to be this story about the morgue in Cuidad Juarez. When I went to college it was mandatory that you took a class in Critical Thinking or Logic. Is that not a requirement for a journalism major? Or is it a matter of choosing the wrong word and relying on spell check? Shouldn’t the title be “Mexican ...

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Crime here is mostly a matter of opportunity, I spent today eliminating an opportunity. My purse is a backpack design, which is ideal ergonomically but not so good safety wise. A few times I have noticed that the zipper pocket in front was open even though I distinctly remembered zipping it shut. Nothing is ever missing, I guess there is no aftermarket for the chap stick or hand sanitizer that I keep there. It hasn’t troubled me enough to do anything about it but I am more aware of people who are too close to me.The other day I was downtown fabric shopping. Telas Mexicana’s racks are very close together, I kept feeling like I was bumping into something with my bag. Without really thinking about it, I jerked my shoulders and heard a pop, as I turned I saw a relatively well dressed woman dashing behind some bolts of cloth. I realized that I had kept seeing her, almost ...

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Be afraid, be very afraid

Cairelle writes about getting used to crime in her hometown of New Orleans and asks in her post Crime in Mexico? about the reality of crime here. I started to write a comment but decided that the topic really merited a blog post.I don’t know about the rest of México, but things here in the Yucatàn are tranquilo for the most part. Back in September, I wrote a post called Feels like May where I mentioned the headless bodies found in Chichi Suarez, presumed narcotraficantes who were executed. The population of Mérida certainly wasn’t blasé about this event. The following weekend saw a decline in restaurant,theatre and general shopping by 30%, someone started a text message rumour that the bad guys had threatened to enter public places and execute people at random. There was another rumour about a state curfew being in place. The state police established positions on the most populated streets and the window tinting places did a ...

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