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More crochet hats than you can shake a stick at.

Awkward title, I was aiming for clever. I don’t have Steve Cotton’s talent for headlines, maybe he subcontracts? Back to the subject at hand, I crochet hats. Seems odd since I live in the land of heat and humidity. It’s the IWC’s fault. Several years ago, a couple of the ladies started visiting the kids in the Children’s Cancer Unit at the O’Haran hospital. We used to get a lot of English speaking kids from Belize receiving treatment and one of the Doctors asked his mom if any of her English speaking friends wanted to visit.  From this simple request the Cancer Kids project grew. There are fewer Belizan children but that is due to politics not to any decrease in the incidence of childhood cancer.  However, this post is about the hats, and also a reminder that there are still raffle tickets available for the Hugs and Kisses Afghan. In between my own projects, I crochet hats for the ...

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Hugs and Kisses afghan pattern

I want to share the crocheted  Hugs and Kisses afghan  pattern  for the afghan that we’re raffling off for the Kids with Cancer Project.  Unfortunately, it occured to me after the fact that people may want to make one of their own so I didn’t take notes on the variations that we did. This is more a template than an actual pattern, however, if you are an intermediate crocheter you should have no problem adapting it. All the patterns that we used specified a heavier weight yarn  than the baby weight that we decided on. I used a size 4mm and BK who crochets looser used a size 3.75. Consequently, our squares measured more like 9 1/2 inches, once again I didn’t take notes. Therefore if you live in a colder climate, you may want to use sport weight yarn and your afghan will come out bigger. Having had the afghan on my lap while I joined the squares I can ...

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Just moving along

Friday morning I woke up with a horrible headache. I’m pretty sure that it was sinuses because it got better when I pressed the corresponding acupressure points.  Either way it was a totally wasted day for me. We’ve been doing saline nasal washes twice a day but I am no way as diligent as Husband so I paid the price. He has also been adding a few drops of tea tree oil to his neti pot. Being a bit of a woos, I declined the additive, but I’m now a believer.  I am also feeling like a normal human today, so it was only a 24 hour thing. I want to thank everyone who came to the Book Signing. It was a lot of fun. Joanna blogged about it and posted some great photos from the event. We’re talking about doing another one but in Merida this time. My funk has dissipated. I really appreciate the advice and nice comments ...

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I couldn’t stand it

Cruising the internet, I found the pattern for the mermaid blanket. The yarn is heavier and the needles larger than what I’m using but that is no big deal. You have to join the website to get the pattern so now I am getting yet another newsletter. I think I have so many craft patterns and ideas  that if I stopped collecting them and starting making them, I would never run out of stuff to do. I guess it’s another type of hoarding. I did give away all my pattern magazines and most of my sewing patterns last year. The fabric stash is still pretty respectable but the yarn stash is negligible. I take the fifth on the beading stash. Anyway, I have spent the last hour or so ripping out the stitches that I already did. La Primera said that she liked the pink, but it bugged me. Husband says that I must have been a cat in a ...

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activities for cooler weather

As the firecrackers scent the air with gunpowder and create patterns in the sky, I am reminded of various folk remedies to end drought, where rockets are shot into the air to bring down rain. The rains have finally come, nice long afternoon showers cooling everything off. Saturday, I scattered  flower seeds in the gaping maws of the huge cement pots where the skeletal Flor de Mayo trees are planted. Little seedlings seem to be sprouting, I can’t wait to see what I’ve sown because I indiscriminately broadcast the remnants of the outdated seed packages I have been saving.  The only planned sowing were Swiss Chard in a package label something like rainbow silver beet which I hope to see poking through  the zatar (also known as oregano grueso) in my big bushel sized tub. Gardening has been taking a backseat to my other activities, the yard is looking tamer these days. The gardener and I seem to have settled ...

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Between the raindrops

Saying that we’ve been having rain every afternoon doesn’t convey how much rain has been falling. We’ve narrowly escaped the infinity pool experience by draining several inches of water at least twice in the last week. This is even after the pool guys have been here and drained their customary three or four inches while cleaning between cell phone calls. I’m not complaining, the boys show up and clean the pool every week, it just takes them longer than when Dad is there to supervise. Being housebound gives me an excuse to work on my Mom Make Me This projects. When I found out that La Primera pins things to Pinterest, I asked her to make a category of stuff she would like me to make. One of the items was a crocheted dress for La Nieta. She didn’t specify for which one, but it looked like a toddler style to me. After reading the pattern information, which didn’t seem ...

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Crocodile slippers, why not?

Nothing new and exciting has been going on. I am finally feeling normal again. Or as normal as I get around here. Not floods, no storms, nothing remarkable. I love that phrase,  nothing remarkable. Nothing worth making a remark about. Makes you wonder what is worth remarking on? NFN has not made an appearance, so she is now officially late. Her half sisters saw all the goodies that I crocheted and put in their requests. Which ties in with my new project, I am making slippers for everyone! Unfortunately, I asked Mihijo if he wanted serious or funny slippers and he requested crocodile slippers.So I have been trying to figure out a pattern. I have settled on making a plain pair of slippers using this Lion’s brand yarn pattern and adding details like eyes and teeth. I did however make a very cute pair of slippers for the steps, I used a variation of the granny square slippers, Where you ...

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Lotsa sewing, not so much blogging

Remember when I went fabric shopping? I didn’t tell you about my project, because I thought you might find it odd. I have been making diapers and diaper covers. Diapering has changed since my kids were babies. When La Primera was born, the hospital gave me an enormous case of pampers and lots of coupons because disposables were just becoming available. You know, the first one is free after that you need to pay, and pay, and pay. By the time Mihijo was born, ten years later, disposables we common. In fact day care centers wouldn’t take babies in cloth diapers. I was a rebel, I liked cloth diapers better. Life being cyclic,things have come around, it’s cheaper to use cloth, it’s more green and it’s better for baby. All those things I used to say, except the green part, I’d of said that too, but it wasn’t part of my vocabulary back then. What is nifty is that there ...

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