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Time to adjust my expectations again.

Friday evening, La Muchacha announced that the washing machine was broken. She went into more detail, but that was the gist of the announcement. Since it was late, I didn’t do anything about the problem. Saturday morning we’d deal with it and call someone if necessary. Saturday is a normal workday for many people including repair men. Somehow, I managed to forget all about it until Sunday. Husband and I did some trouble shooting and decided that the problem was beyond our abilities. The nut and washer holding the agitator assembly was corroded and none of the various tools we had would work to loosen it. Early Monday morning, I called the phone number of the tecnico (washing machine repairman to you English speakers) that I had used five years before when the drum was out of balance. Amazingly enough, he was still in business. Our conversation went like this. I lead off with “Necesito un tecnico, mi maquina de ...

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Called to task

Like I said before, there is something about the whole visa process that stresses me out. I think it’s a secret fear of not measuring up. My rational mind knows that I have all the bases covered, but the small child who sometimes takes control doesn’t believe me. This morning I checked the status of our application for FM2s, that we turned in on Monday. I saw “report to immigration”, actually it said present yourself to immigration, but that child within said to me “now you are in trouble, you forgot something, or did something wrong”. I felt like I was being summoned to the Principal’s office. Husband thought it might have something to do with our little episode with the court system we had last year. Outwardly, I was calm, I said “we don’t know what they want, we can’t start guessing.” Inwardly, I was feeling like I might vomit. We arrived at 8:45 this time, we were issued ...

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When push comes to shove

Arriving at  8:40 am we were issued number 17. By the time Immigration officially open the guard was on a second sign in sheet and issuing badges numbered in the thirties. That afternoon when the office closed the gates at 1 pm they had issued at least 130 preliminary numbers. Due to a slight paperwork problem, we did a split shift at Immigration so we got to see the beginning and the end. The alpha and the omega of a day at Immigration. The employees at INM are amazing, they smile, they answer the same questions over and over again. We’ve never had a bad experience with the staff at Immigration, ever. The people who come to perform a transaction at  Immigration  are another matter. While we were waiting our turn to talk to the agent and either be sent away or given a new number, we watched the herd. Since we’d arrived early enough to get seats on the ...

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Constructive Language

Yesterday, Husband and I dropped into the big Fernandez store on Calle 70. I don’t know why we don’t go there first when we need construction supplies for our house. They have a huge parking lot, are very close to our house. We have even walked there. Breaking old habits takes conscious effort. I wonder if I need to put up a sign saying “How about checking Fernandez, the lumber yard, the ferroteria down the street, Comex, for it? ” in our bodega? The wait at Fernandez is never very long, the clients know what they want and the assistants are bright and eager.  It’s an easy place to shop, once you know the system. You take a number, when your number comes up on the monitor ,you place your order. The counter person inputs your choices into the computer. While you are paying, a stock person is bringing your merchandise from the back. After matching his computer printout to ...

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It’s about time.

(The Persistence of Time, Salvador Dali. image courtesy of Wikipedia) When I did faire one of our favorite sayings was ” In the immortal words of William Shatner, Time.. Ing Is ..Every…Thing”, in life as in improvisational theater, those words still hold true. Jonna’s latest blog post is about her experience at La Migra, Nancy also changed from an FM3 to an FM2 this year, her latest post touched on her view that attitude is everything when dealing with life as an ex-pat. Last year, it was time to either apply for another FM3 or change to an FM2, Husband and I decided to stay with the FM3. This year, we’ve decided to change. Does part of me wish we’d done it last year? Of course, but we weren’t ready for various reasons. This year we are. There’s been lots of discussion in the ex-pat community about the new online application process. A local company, Yucatan Expatriate Services will even ...

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Lessons in patience or why it’s good we don’t come with subtitles

Feeling good after seeing our chiropractor, Husband and I walked back to the parking lot. While I paid the attendant,it was 11 am and we owed eight pesos. Husband went to start the car. It didn’t start. The battery was drained. Not even a flicker of power, it was like an energy vampire had sucked every last electron from it. Luckily, we have jumper cables in our truck. Jose Luis, from the clinic, got his car and gave us a jump start. It was hot and against Husband’s advice, I had rolled down the electric windows. He  cautioned me that there was a chance that we wouldn’t be able to roll them back up, this struck me as unnecessary pessimism, it turned out to be prophetic. All in all, Jose Luis probably gave us five jumpstarts before we gave up. The battery wasn’t holding a charge long enough to drive the car anywhere. Husband asked Jose Luis if he knew ...

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Follow the leader

I’ve noticed that Bodega Aurrera (click on volante for an online copy of the current flier) will price things by the unit for their sales. This way they can advertise things for a peso. The problem is that it makes it difficult to compare an item sold by weight to one sold by unit. However, there is nothing like seeing really good deals to get customers into your store. Being quite familiar with the concept of a loss leader from my retail days, I know that the ploy is to get you into the store, where you will then buy other higher priced items. When I managed a yardage department (back in the days when retail stores NOB had yardage departments!) our loss leader was ten cent plastic hangers. Our hangers were normally a quarter so a dime was a big sale, probably cost. We didn’t substitute another less expensive item of cheaper quality either, they were our normal stock. ...

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I am turning into a little old lady!

Husband and I went to the area around the mercado and stopped at the seeds and grain store. Shopping there is nostalgic, the place reminds me of a feed store, except instead of hay and grain prices, there are spice and other bulk food prices scrawled on the chalk board. Once again, I find myself resolving to do more shopping in the mercado and outlying shops. Chia seed was not to be found but they seem to have almost everything else that I might want. We bought raw peanuts, almonds, soy milk powder, cat chow and figs. Since there is a limit to how much I want to carry dried peas and beans will have to wait for next time.Happily, almonds were priced competitively with Costco but I didn’t have to buy 1.3 kilos, the minimum is 100 grams. My stocking up days are behind me, it isn’t as practical here. Since I really know how to have fun, I ...

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Repurposing, replanting and rearranging

I’m tired and hungry. Due to a horrible head ache I didn’t sleep very well last night. Headaches impede rational thought because after a day and night of suffering it finally occurred to me to take some sinus medicine! Feeling like a new woman, once the sinus medicine started working, I repaired to the roof. My mission, to see if an idea I had hatched would fly. It isn’t good to have plants sitting directly on the roof. It’s better for the plants to have a little airspace, it keeps the roof from getting stained and the reflective sealer is less likely to be damaged. NOB you can buy cute feet shaped like turtles, lions and paws or just plain ones, that lift the pots up.Pieces of brick or tiles, don’t look as nice, but it’s what I have to work with instead.. Pondering on the fact that I was running out of stuff to balance my pots on, I ...

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Back to your regularly scheduled programing

Expect more photos. I bought new rechargeable batteries for the camera at Sterens today. Christina, our normal csr was busy helping someone else. We got a zombie girl instead. Okay that was unkind. She was not really a zombie, but she wasn’t the hottest chile in the salsa either. Husband needed to buy some stuff, I came along as moral support. He was all prepared with the names of everything he needed. He asked for cat-5 cable and received the dreaded “No hay”. For those of you like me who don’t know a cat-5 from a dog-8, look at the back of your computer. You will probably see something that looks like this( image courtesy of Wikipedia). Notice the words cat-5I really didn’t mean to get involved, but I looked at her and asked “¿Esta agotado? ¿Cable catagoria cinco?¨ which means ¨You are all out of category five cable?”Husband and I conferred when she assured us that not only were ...

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