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Searching for seeds

I hate ordering seeds online. It’s too easy to get carried away. When my shopping basket total reaches some ungodly amount like 30 or 40 pounds,( yeah, pounds, it’s a British company) I start to hyperventilate. Usually, I end up closing up the screen and vowing to look at it again later, maybe tomorrow. What really irks me is that I didn’t buy during the half off end of season seed sale. Our planting season starts about when theirs (and probably yours) ends. Then there is the sheer quantity of seeds. I like the variety packs where you get three or four different varieties in the same package. Apparently so does everyone else, those are sold out.I’ve decided to wait until next year to order seeds online. Meanwhile, I did find the seed store on Calle 54 x 69 y 67, just down the block from the Semillas y Granos store. I don’t know why a store called seeds and ...

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Supermarket receipt from Friday

John Calypso wrote about his grocery shopping today. I made a comment that I had just gone to Walmart and spent $1456.66 on groceries. I tried to scan the receipt but it was too long for the bed and wasn’t legible when I uploaded it. Our normal big grocery shopping used to run about $400 every two weeks, lately it’s been more like $700. This was a bigger than normal shopping trip. There were deals on some things like tuna and evaporated milk so I bought extra. I also bought what for me is an exorbitant amount of meat and fish. Included were some sundries like sunblock. I have been using Prozone which is only available in pharmacies because other sunblocks make my face itch. Prozone is very expensive, around $350 for a small bottle. I wanted to try out Nivea’s sunblock for sensitive skin. There are two types and they were on sale so I bought them both and ...

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Home delivery?

“Waffles, why doesn’t anyone deliver waffles? You can get anything else delivered! Then again, they would probably be cold or never show up” I complained to Husband. It was the crankiness and lack of sleep talking. To be honest, I didn’t whip out the yellow pages to call restaurants and ask. Using the yellow pages would have only added to my irritability. Trying to find a company in the yellow pages is like a treasure hunt. First, you have to divine the category it will be listed under. For example, it never occurred to me to search for Fed Ex under messenger service, though it makes sense. I never did find Walmart’s listing. That is because DBA’s (doing business as) aren’t allowed, so you have to know the parent company. Fortunately, propane is listed under gas. Friday afternoon I ordered gas. Our propane is lasting twice as long these days since we found and fixed the leak, however we do ...

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If I can’t find it, I probably don’t need it anyway.

My philosophy is that my life is about what I can have, not what I have to do without. It makes living in a foreign country easier on an emotional level. While I daydream about all the stuff that I would buy, shoes that fit, exotic spices and electronic gadgets. The truth is that I don’t really need that stuff, or even want it that badly. Either I find a substitute for something, for example, it’s amazing what you can do with a blender or I do without. For example, when I prepare a new Indian dish, I look at recipes until I find one that both sounds interesting and uses ingredients that I have on hand. Seriously, why be sad because you can’t buy asafoetida, which I rarely use, when I live in a country where tamarind and fresh coconut are widely available? Rita of I must be crazy to live in Mexico most recent post is entitled Shopping ...

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Dead batteries, recharged.

Wow, I must of jinxed myself by doing two blog posts in one day. My creative batteries were totally drained. The only way to recharge them is by using them.First I have to say “GOOD MORNING PATTY!!”, Husband and I ran into friend and faithful reader, Patty, at Pancho’s the other evening. Talking to her served as a reminder that real people do read my blog, I am not just writing in a vacuum.Ah, Pancho’s. Husband and I want to hate Pancho’s, but we can’t. It’s the waiters and their Mexican revolutionary costumes. It’s a tourist place, but the food is so good and the service is excellent. More on that later.Husband got to experience the legendary Yucatecan customer indifference for himself that day. This is something that tourists and frequenters of the big stores like Chedraui or even Radio Shack don’t know about. We were looking for something called a bobina (don’t fret, you don’t need one, you don’t ...

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The benefits of bi-linguality

People always ask “Do I need to speak Spanish if I am moving to (insert name of Mexican town here)?”The other day I can honestly say that speaking Spanish really made a difference to us. I usually listen just enough to phone solicitors to tell them “no thanks” and then hang up. I have to admit that I am a bit rude about it, I don’t wait for them to ask me a question or even to take a breath, I just say no and hang up immediately afterward. In my imagination, they are still talking even though they hear a dial tone. Most of the phone calls seem to be from banks offering us credit cards but Telmex likes to get us to agree to deals too.Coincidentally, I had just opened our phone bill and was musing over the fact that the amount seemed to be more than usual, when Telmex called. The opening gambit got my attention. The ...

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I venture out to restock the shelves

Our refrigerator was looking pretty bare and Mr Dog was out of food so we went to Chedraui to shop today. Normally, I shop on Wednesday, it’s the day that veggies are on sale. I couldn’t believe how much better the produce looked today. According to my mypyramid tracker, I don’t eat enough fruit or vegetables! If I don’t eat enough, wow, what does the average person eat? I was a woman on a mission, I even made a grocery list! More fruits and vegetables for this girl and her man. The prices were good, not door busting good but reasonable.I bought an enormous head of cauliflower for $9.90 and tomatoes were only $6.60 a kilo. Those savings were canceled when I couldn’t resist indulging in plums and strawberries. Seriously paying $40.00 something a kilo for the plums did give me pause even if I only got four. To be honest, I am not sure which were more expensive the ...

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Names don’t matter, results do.

Husband has had this awful cough for quite awhile. The doctor suspected a bacterial infection. So she ordered a throat culture. Here you get a script for the test and go to which ever lab you want. Sometimes the doctor specifies a lab but usually you get to pick.The throat culture cost $220 pesos and took about 5 days. Here you pick up your own results, they aren’t sent to the doctor. Being the curious person that I am, I glanced at them. Husband asked “well what do I have?”. I had no idea, the results divided into sensible and resistante, sensitive and resistant. The doctor was sure that he had an infection, but she didn’t care what strain it was, she wanted to know what antibiotics killed it! NOB, an insurance company would have wanted to know what the person had, then they would allow you to take certain drugs for that diagnosis. By allow, of course, I mean ...

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Follow through is a foreign concept.

Husband and I decided to take a trip to Campeche. Our luggage went to Cuidad de Carmen. Eventually we were reunited. We extracted a promise from the suitcases never to wander away like that again. Bus travel is a good option for us, Husband gets his tickets half price which usually means financially it´s a wash compared to driving. We haven´t done enough traveling, but we are working on remedying that. The ADO (Autobuses de Oriente) primero is very comfortable and the UNO or GL class buses are even better. The CAME station is within easy walking distance of our house, it´s really a great option for us. We arrived in Campeche City around 4pm after traveling during the heat of the day, alternating between watching a couple of movie in Spanish and looking out at the countryside. We were feeling very good about bus travel. There were not much luggage in the cargo space, the bus was virtually empty ...

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Coriander? It’s right here next to the horse dewormer.

In a forum that I frequent (Yolisto ) someone recently asked if speaking Spanish would make the transition easier. I think they were asking how much easier, since the poster also qualified they knew that the short answer was “yes”. It’s like me asking someone who has perfect pitch if that would make singing on key easier. How would they know? They have always had perfect pitch and can’t figure out why I can’t tell the difference between sharp and flat. I get confused enough here and I have a fairly good grasp on the language, it would be so much worse if I didn’t speak Spanish at all. Case in point, coriander. I doubt that I would ever have found it if I didn’t speak Spanish. No matter what store I went to I could not find any. I realize that coriander is cilantro and in Spanish it’s called semilla de cilantro, so it wasn’t like I was overlooking ...

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