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The key issue

Why the lack of keys? I watch our neighbors come home from work and pound on the door to be let in. These aren’t little kids, the girl is almost done studying at the Universary and the boy is an attorney. It isn’t just them, my other neighbors all seem to have only one key to the door, no matter how many people live there. Recently, we heard a car alarm going off. It would go off and then stop, then go off again. It isn’t unusual to see the owner leaning against his car oblivious to the annoying noise of his alarm blaring. He knows that there is no problem, so he isn’t concerned it seems. Finally the frequency and generally annoying quality of having a car alarm sounding just outside our gate, drove us out to complain. There we saw a group of people gathered around our friend’s VW. Katy had lost her keys, and the Locksmith was ...

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A tale of two taxis

Along with the cooler weather come the snowbirds. The traditional date for the return of the snowbirds is November first. If you are a snowbird, I have a pact that I want to make, if you see me in my long sleeves and sweater complaining about being cold and it’s only 70ºF or 20ºC, please don’t point and stare. I promise that I won’t laugh at your burmudas and the fact that you are sweating, if you don’t marvel at my shivering. Last night, Husband and I went to a lovely dinner party. I wore long pants! Yes, it’s time to start looking over the winter wardrobe and start wearing long pants and shirts with sleeves. Maybe not long sleeves but I think the tank tops are going to be staying home more often than not. We taxied to the party, the fare was only $21.00, even at the evening rate. I have Econotaxi in my cellphone and that’s who ...

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carless again

No not care less, car less. Plastic and heat don’t mix well, we had a friend bring us a new reservoir for the coolant, but now we need a cap. The cap is on it’s way, meanwhile we are car less again. Fortunately, just about any thing we want is within walking distance, and if it’s not, there are always taxis.Not very long ago Maxicarne opened a store near us. Tuesday, I grabbed my little plastic zalbucan and went shopping for meat. I liked it, from years of being a vegetarian, and from shopping in sanitized supermarkets, I have a hard time with the olfactory portion of shopping for meat at the mercado. Since the storefront has a large open doorway and is relativly small, I didn’t notice any odors. The girl who waited on me was helpful, I explained that I wanted inexpensive meat for Mr Dog, she offered chicken necks, but I declined because of the bones. She ...

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Riding the wave!

We are riding the wave, on a roll, doing good. What ever you want to call it, we are cleaning up the loose ends and wrapping up projects. Last Friday, Husband and I went to the DMV to try renew his driver’s license. Last time we were able to renew at the State kiosk in the Gran Plaza Mall but this year’s renewal has to be at the modelo in the parking lot by Liverpool because he is supposed to have an eye exam. It’s really fast and simple at the kiosk, you present your just about to expire Yucatecan driver’s license, a comprobante and pay the fee. They take the photo right there and the machine spits out your new driver’s license which is good for two more years. Falsely confident that it would be a very easy transaction (we’re slow learners), we brought with us a comprobante in his name. We already knew from experience that if it’s ...

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Why didn’t I listen?

Wayne said that as bloggers we should always have our camera on hand. I have excuses of course, but no matter what they were, I didn’t have my camera on hand when the hearse went by.Hearses and funerals going down my street are pretty common, we are between at least two funeral parlors and the cemetery. I have seen all sorts of vehicles used as hearses but today I saw a PT Cruiser Hearse! Yes, a Black PT Cruiser, it made me think of Eddy Munster all grown up and driving, gives new meaning to the phrase “Not your father’s Chrysler”. I did a quick search and found this online article Cruisin’ Into Eternity:Introducing the PT Cruiser Hearse. It’s the first time that I have seen it and I have no idea where it came from. Since I was standing in front of the Clínica Yucatán looking at the funeral parlor across the street when the procession came by I ...

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Victory smells like lavender water.

I am always on the look out for a deal. Often in the supermarkets, we encounter weird things packaged together,like mayonnaise and tuna fish, which makes a sort of logic. Or laundry detergent with potato chips which doesn’t. Sometimes these things are bargains, sometimes they aren’t. I compare prices, I even carry a little calculator with me because it isn’t always easy to do the cost analysis in my head. One thing that really bugs me is packages emblazoned with 20% more product for free and that item is priced higher than the regular size sitting beside it on the shelf.Today, I ran into Chedraui to replenish my supply of lavender toilet water. As I reached for the giant 800 ml bottle I noticed just below it the exact same 800 ml bottle shrink wrapped with a small 110 ml bottle and the words GRATIS 110 ml!! . My lucky day, I thought, then I noticed that the price on ...

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At the blogger meeting,I learned how to use the macro setting on my camera! Here is something new that I bought today, I took the photo using the macro setting.Do you know what it is?

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That seemed easy.

Husband and I went to INM today. There was hardly any traffic in the street, we got there just after opening at 9:06 and still got number one!The Mérida branch of immigration has two very nice ladies in reception that prescreen everyone and give them chits to see the officers. I explained to them that when Husband went to the Civil Registry to get a CURP, he was told that his FM3 was missing information. I explained that I was concerned because I didn’t have that information on mine either. She said that we did the right thing when we came in 2004 and provided our address etc, furthermore we are registered. She produced an actual form for Husband to fill out requesting a CURP. Getting a form is unusual since normally they require you to write a letter. She also seemed a bit apologetic because CURPs have been taking three weeks to get back from México City where the ...

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Those irksome little details

Husband is eligible for a senior discount card issued by the Mexican government. According to the information available online at Yucatan Insider, we just needed to fill out a form and present either an FM2 or 3. The official website also has the requirements listed which I have copied here: “Requisitos Original y copia del acta de nacimiento Clave Única de Registro de Población (CURP), si se tiene identificación oficial con fotografía” Notice the line that says “si,se tiene” which means if you have it. A CURP is a unique identification number. We, as foreigners don’t normally have one. The young man at the INAPAM desk says that one is required by law to obtain the discount card. So Husband went to the Registro Civil to perform the tramite by himself. I am very proud of him, Mexican tramites are not his cup of tea. The clerk refused to give him one. She showed him on his FM3 that in ...

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Chicken soup and a new PINK computer desk

1I have a head cold, Husband has a head cold. I thought that I was all better, last night we went to bed at a ridiculously early hour and got up late. We went to the chiropractor today, I am all achy.That adventure wore me out, I ended up taking a nap! I also made us some chicken soup, not just any chicken soup but Caldo Tlalpeño. Words like tlapalería and Tlalpeño used to seem so weird to me, now I can combine all sorts of odd consonants, Dzilbilchaltun, Dzitya and Tixkokob are child’s play!My computer has been sitting on a green plastic garden table, you all know the type, with the optional hole in the center for an umbrella. I type with the keyboard in my lap so that isn’t so bad, but my mouse is up on the table. Consequently my neck has been hurting. Yesterday, Husband and I went shopping for a computer desk. I have looked ...

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