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A week in my Mérida life part 2

Monday ended with swimming and hanging out. I don’t remember what the temperature was, just that it was a lovely afternoon. Having been on the pantry diet for awhile (eating what’s in the pantry) we decided to go to Walmart after seeing the chiropractor. Walmart is not my grocery store of choice, Megabalcones is my favorite. However, Walmart is close to Alerfin. Since there really was very little food in the house, we had salad for breakfast. I like salad for breakfast, especially when it’s my multiple choice salad. Greens plus fresh fruit plus seeds or nut plus dried fruit and some sort of cheese. The dressing is usually oil and vinegar. We had romaine,apple,pepitas, dried cranberries and some shredded Italian cheese mix. Having bought some avocado oil at Costco I mixed it with  rice wine vinegar for the dressing. Yum. Leaving home around ten, we walked to the bus stop at C 56 x 59 y 57 looking for ...

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How do I spend my time?

Naming my blog was easy. Often when people learn that we live full time in a foreign country, they ask “What do you do all day?”. It seems like most people have this concept of retirement as a boring existence without the stimulus that work provides. Maybe these people have jobs that they loved, getting up every morning excited and eager looking forward to their day. While I have seldom had jobs that I hated, I don’t remember being eager to head off to work. Having had craft businesses, I decided that I’d rather work  to provide money to fund my hobbies. I have too many interests and hobbies to want to just do one thing forever. That way I could dabble, makes hats , crochet or sew for awhile then do something new. My list of hobbies is legion, it’s easier to say “I don’t tat” than to list what I do. However, much of my daily life in ...

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