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Day of the Dead Merida style

Last night was Halloween, we went to the Day of the Dead celebration. Tonight, on the Day of the Dead, I’m going to a Halloween carnival.  In Mexico, you just have to go with the flow. The city closes several streets for Hanal Pixan, the Mayan version of the Day of the Dead celebration.We showed up at 6pm, which was nice. No big crowds, the stage was bare and most of the chairs were empty. By 6:30, half an hour after the official start time, we decided not to hang around any more waiting for the Botanical garden to open or the music to start. Time is a variable thing in Mexico after all.   Our group wandered south Calle 66 towards the cemetery, admiring altars, declining offers to purchase  tamales, mini-pibes, or Day of the Dead bread.  The smell of copal hanging heavy in the air, making my nose sting. Later I realized it was the underlying scent of ...

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Nothing serious

Mrs WB and I have painting class together on Fridays. She paints tropical landscapes, sea shells, boats and all sorts of pretty paintings. I always admire her efforts, but somehow I can’t seem to follow her lead. It never occurs to me to paint a landscape, my fevered brain wants to paint things like Iguanas Playing Poker inspired by CM Coolidge’s Dogs Playing Poker series. I have, so far, resisted the temptation. However I indulged my penchant for whimsy with a pair of Catrin paintings, a revolutionary Adelita and a Bella Epocha lady. Last Friday they were joined by this trio of Mariachis. I couldn’t resist giving them all mustaches and eyebrows. Mariachis with Mustaches mixed media Normally my paintings are acrylic on board, this time I also used a white grease pencil, various Sharpie indelible markers and other felt pens in my possession. I also put a coat of triple glaze over it all. Here are all my skeletons ...

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A different viewpoint

           image courtesy of Wikipedia  Arriving at painting class armed with a photocopy of John Singer Sargent’s watercolor  A Morning Walk, some fashion plates from the same era and  photocopies of a human skeleton, I announced that I had an idea. This idea either would be one of my best paintings yet or would serve as a learning exercise. I wanted to do something more painterly. However, I didn’t want to copy Sargent’s portrait, but rather do something similar but  more Mexican in feeling. La Bella Epoca (La Belle Époque in France, Edwardian Era in England) is also the heyday of the henequén trade.  So my choice of costume worked for me. The seaside was more appropriate to Mérida than a lake.    La Catarina del Henequén Takes a Morning Walk Here is my portrait. Does it work?

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