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When all else fails use duct tape

Held together with spit and baling wire probably has a Mexican equivalent somewhere. I’ve certainly seen enough ingenious fixes in our Merida sojourn. I’ve even done more than my share of them. Once when my Buick blew a hose outside of Buttonwillow, my traveling companion and I used a plastic pencil case and some duct tape to make emergency repairs. The mechanic didn’t have the right hose, but he had one that worked so that’s the one we used. The mechanic said that he couldn’t charge me labor because it wasn’t the right part.  At that time Buttonwillow was just a wide spot in the road offering a couple of gas stations, a Motel 6 and your choice of burgers, my friend and I were probably the cutest things he’d seen in awhile and that may have had more to do with the discount than the suitability of the hose. That hose was still in that ‘73 Skylark in ‘79 ...

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