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Lotsa sewing, not so much blogging

Remember when I went fabric shopping? I didn’t tell you about my project, because I thought you might find it odd. I have been making diapers and diaper covers. Diapering has changed since my kids were babies. When La Primera was born, the hospital gave me an enormous case of pampers and lots of coupons because disposables were just becoming available. You know, the first one is free after that you need to pay, and pay, and pay. By the time Mihijo was born, ten years later, disposables we common. In fact day care centers wouldn’t take babies in cloth diapers. I was a rebel, I liked cloth diapers better. Life being cyclic,things have come around, it’s cheaper to use cloth, it’s more green and it’s better for baby. All those things I used to say, except the green part, I’d of said that too, but it wasn’t part of my vocabulary back then. What is nifty is that there ...

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