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DIY verdigris

“What do you think? It’s verdigris.” “Looks like stuff I spent hours trying to get rid of when I was an apprentice.” “Good, that’s the look I was going for.” Husband and I don’t agree about verdigris. I love the patina, the idea of something ancient looking, the layers of character, and the colors. Husband just sees something that needs to be sanded and restored to pristine sparkle. The backyard bodega (storage shed) proved a little to damp for the NSF wire rack. It rusted and was on it’s way to a bad end. I replaced it with plastic shelving and attacked it with a wire brush. Then I got the brilliant idea of using copper color paint instead of bright silver. If I had used spray paint, maybe it would have worked better. It didn’t occur to me to take pictures along the way. The first layer is Berel 100% Acrilico Esmalte Metálico in cobre (copper colored acrylic enamel) ...

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DIY-astound ourselves

“If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.”―Thomas Edison. Thomas Edison was so right. I know quite a few people who write off opportunities to do things themselves because they don’t think that they can. I’ve been guilty of negative thinking too.  My way of avoiding failure is to over research, I keep looking for more information-eventually I either burn out and give up or start on the project. Not all my ideas work out.  My daughter likes to remind me of what she calls, the prison bathing suit. I decided to make her a bathing suit, but had neither the proper skills nor materials. Then there is the duct tape purse redo, my favorite pink purse got too scuffed up to use any more. So I got the brillant idea to cover it in duct tape. It looked great, I used it a couple of times. Then the humidity started ...

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Living the diy life, leading the way.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” — John Quincy Adams Living the diy life  and helping you create the diy life you want is my goal. I don’t think of myself as bold or a trailblazer, but that is the role that I’ve chosen.  I am creating the life I want to live, and I want to show you how to do it too. I aspire to John Quincy Adams’s definition of a leader. All my life, I have been interested in  how. How do things work? How is that done? Can I do it too? I leave why to the philosophers. One of my favorite toys was the original Mr. Machine, a top hat wearing transparent robot. I loved taking him apart and putting him back together. In my pre-teen days I was a compulsive fort builder, my sister and I once tented over the entire ...

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Sifting out the secret to growing big ferns.

Ferns and palm trees spell the tropics to everyone, I dream of a garden with huge lush ferns everywhere. I found the secret to growing big ferns on pinterest. Reading the article I learned; ferns like moisture, check, that is’t a surprise; ferns need excellent drainage, most plants do, nothing new; ferns will grow to fill their pots, I never gave that much thought.   I have several many an overwhelming amount of  ferns, 2 types of asparagus ferns, artillery ferns, sword ferns, and Boston ferns I even have fern whose name I don’t know.  I like to grow Bostons in shallow pots, so I looked for larger pots in the shed. All the hanging pots in my stash are too small unless I wanted to divide the ferns. My goal being growing big ferns, not having a bunch of small ferns, I looked for an alternative. Looking around, I ruled out recycling anything I already had.  Sometimes, even I just ...

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DIY self watering planter

DIY self watering planter  tutorials are all over the internet. Ever since I learned about the EarthBox® Green Container Gardening System I’ve wanted some for our roof garden. Amazon sells a 12-Inch Self-Watering pot for a very reasonable price. However, in tune with goal of using what I have and DIYing my life. I decided to make my own. Wild Bill has several on his roof that gave me a severe case of garden envy. His containers were made using 5 gallon buckets. Since he’s an engineer, he also made some refill automatically when the water level drops. I went out and priced 5 gallon buckets, I already had a few in my possession. I got excited in Home Depot when I saw a $29.99 mxn (about$2.50 usd) sign plastered on a stack of buckets, until I realized that was the price just for the lids! I can’t remember the price on the buckets themselves but it was enough that I decided ...

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