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Playing catch-up

When I start getting emails wondering how I am doing, it’s time to touch base with my two or three remaining readers. First things first, I am not putting the house up for sale. Let’s just say, it’s not the right time. While I would like to have the extra money in my savings account, it isn’t urgent. I am, however, fixing things and painting. With the exchange rate so good, it’s a great time to do so. I’ve been tracking my expenditures and I’m managing to live well within my widow’s pension though it’s really too soon to have an accurate picture. My reconstruction surgery is delayed. First there was the problem where the inexperienced nurse opened up my sutures. Finally, after waiting an extra long time for the new stitches to heal (3 weeks!), Dr. L removed them. He gave me an appointment the following week to have my first “inflation”.  Sadly, it was not to be. He ...

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